Mon 20th May - Revise for your exam

If you want me to check your book put it on my desk on Tuesday and I will mark it and get it back to you on Wed.

Mon 13th May - For next week

Continue revision for the exam.

You can fill in the revision sheets, but don’t do the sections on Dunkirk or the Holocaust and remember to bring them next week as you’ll need them in the lesson.

Mon 29th April - For Mon 13th May

•Research one of the events from the sheet.

•Two paragraphs maximum

•Start reading over / revising notes from the Treaty of Versailles onwards

Easter - start revising for your summer exam. You need to learn everything from the causes of World War 2 onwards. A breakdown of topics has been sent home.

You can look over the different topics and try the following;

If you are missing work you can see me to photocopy the relevant pages in the book. I am not in on Friday, but the books are behind my desk and you can ask them to photocopy the pages at the front office.

Mon 25th March - after Easter

Finish your Holocaust photograph exhibition task

Print it out / share it with me if you have printing problems

•Mon 11th March - Due Monday 18th March

•Research the story of a holocaust survivor.

•Write a few paragraphs about their story - What happened to them and how did they survive?  Add in a photo of them.

Print it off or write on paper and bring to next lesson

Monday 4th March - For Monday - bring to the lesson

1.Complete the GCSE style question

It is useful because it shows that Hitler used anti-Jewish propaganda to persuade the Germans that ……

For example in the source I can see…..

The provenance is also useful because…..(what is the source and when was it produced?)

This makes it useful because….

This agrees with my knowledge because I know that in the 1930s Hitler ……

But I also know that Hitler used other methods to persuade the Germans that Jews should be destroyed, such as….

So overall the source is not very / quite / very / useful…

Extra -

2. What other methods of propaganda did Hitler use?

Mon 11th Feb - for Mon 25th Feb

Finish your essay on the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan. Print it and bring it to the lesson on Mon 25th - don’t glue it in your book. Share it with me if you cannot print it.

If you are struggling for time just do two arguments on each side

Your answer must include;

1.Arguments for and against the bombs.

2.Source evidence / quotes to back up your view.

3.Explanation of why a source is / is not reliable – don’t do this for every source, just once or twice in your essay.

4.A clear judgment – set up in the intro and you stick to it in the conclusion.

Mon 4th Feb - For Wed - Hand in to Rm 16

Do you think that dropping the bombs was the right thing to do?

•Write your initial response to this question.(just a paragraph)

I think the dropping of the bombs was the right / wrong thing to do.

I think this because

Prep – For Monday – bring to the lesson

On paper or computer

Research one of the following;

1.How did the allies try and trick the Germans over D-Day?

2.What role did the French Resistance play in D-Day?

3.Find out 5 strange / bizarre facts about D-Day.

4.Can you find out about any local heroes that took part in D-Day?

Mon 14th Jan - For Wed 16th Jan

Finish your fact file /mindmap or a leaflet on the Battle of Britain. Use these questions, but think of at least 5 more of your own (you may need to do some research on this). Add in images if you can.

What was it?   When did it happen?

Where did it happen?   Why did it happen?

What happened?   Who won and why?

 What difficulties did the pilots face?

 Why was it so important / a turning point in the war?

Other possible questions if you are struggling to come up with any

Who had the advantage at the beginning of the battle?

What planes did either side have?

What was Operation Sea lion?

How did Hitler plan to invade Britain?

What were the advantages and disadvantages for each side?

What were the dogfights?

What was it like to fly in the Battle?

Where did the pilots come from?

Mon 3rd Dec

We watched the clip of the trailer for ‘Dunkirk’

Which sources of information could they have used to make the film? Write down your ideas. (at least 10)

Do you think we can trust the film? How can we check?

Mon 19th Nov - for Mon 26th Nov

Revise for your assessment

Learn the different reasons  

Use the planning sheet to revise the structure

Mon 29th Oct - for next Mon and assessment (Mon 26th Nov)

  1. Learn the different reasons (your flashcards) for the outbreak of WW2
  2. Finish the card from the lesson - use the outline below

The League of Nations was set up to…..

If one country invaded another the League could….

When Japan invaded Manchuria (a part of China) in 1933 the League……

And when Italy invaded Abyssinia in 1935 the League….

This helped cause war because Hitler watched this and he realised that….

This gave him the confidence to …

And on _________________ Britain and France declared war on Germany.

Mon 29th Oct - for next Mon and assessment (Mon 26th Nov)

Finish the cartoons from the lesson

Finish the next flashcard and start learning them


Hitler was voted into power in 1933. He straight away set about reversing the Treaty of Versailles and getting back what Germany had lost.

He….(outline 3-4 actions)

Britain and France warned Hitler that if he invaded ______________, they would declare war on Germany.

On 3rd September…

Outline for 1st reason - Treaty of Versailles

At the end of the First World war Germany was made to sign the Treaty of Versailles which said that……

This helped cause war because it crippled Germany and the people wanted ……. They voted for ……. who was determined to ……….. He broke the Treaty and when he invaded P…….. Britain and France declared war. Had the Treaty been fairer, the Germans may not have voted for ………... And war may not have….  

Mon 8th Oct - Due Wed10th October - Hand in to Rm 16

1. Finish your newspaper article if not done so in the lesson – Stick it into your diary.

2. Write your next diary entry explaining what happened in the battle and how you feel about the newspaper article that has been written. Use the outline below if you want to.

It’s December 1917 and I have just come back from the front line at Passchendaele. It was hell.

This has got to be the worst experience so far because…

What makes matters worse is the fact that I have heard that the newspapers have not told the truth about this battle. They have said…

Mon 1st Oct - Due Wed 3rd Oct - Hand in to Rm 16

Finish classwork

Write your next diary entry - use the outline sheet to help you

Mon 24th Sept - Due Wed 26th Sept - Hand in to Rm 16

1. Finish your second diary entry - use the outline to help you and include lots of detail from the lesson for a high mark!

Extra -  See what you can find out about your regiment - if you haven’t already done so

Mon 12th Sept - for Wed 14th Sept - hand in to Rm 16

1. Finish your first diary entry

Prep: Use these starter sentences to help!

September 5th 1914

It is one month since war broke out.

In August I joined up because…


My feeling about joining up are…


My family felt…


I think the war will be…

Extra - . See what you can find out about your regiment

Mon 10th Sept - for Wed 12th Sept - hand in to Rm 16

1.Complete the chart and glue it into your book.

2. Which country was most responsible for starting   the war? Explain why in 3/4 sentences.

3. Which country was least responsible for starting the           war? Explain why in 3/4 sentences.