Audition Video Guide - Quick Hits

Basic Requirements

How will the Audition Video be evaluated?

Teaching samples will be evaluated using the Essential Practices, which is used to evaluate instruction across all DC Public Schools. For more information about the Essential Practices, as well as DCPS’ evaluation system, IMPACT, please visit our website here. Teacher audition video evaluation criteria include:

  1. Is the lesson objective-driven?
  2. Are students actively engaged in the learning experience?
  3. Are all tasks and activities connected to one another and effectively promote student understanding?
  4. Are students engaged in meaningful and rigorous work?
  5. Does the teacher check for understanding effectively and at appropriate times?


No access to a classroom?


How to Upload Audition Video- You can use your phone!

Google Drive


If you have more than one video file, please use Google Drive. Our system can only accept one link per applicant. As such, you will need to save each file in to one folder. From there, you will want to upload the folder-specific link to your application (as opposed to the video-specific link).


Additional Questions?

Please see the full-length Audition Video Guide to see in-depth requirements, upload steps, and FAQ responses.

For additional questions, please reach out to the Teacher Recruitment and Selection team at