07/28/2019        Poetry Corner



Submit to you Jesus

Submit to you Christ

Submission even when my hopes are gone

Submission even when he fails

Submission even when I fail

Submit to you God

Submission as I walk alone

Submission as I hate myself

Submission as I am scared

Submission as everything turns to dust

Submit to you Father

I cannot sense a heart beat. All I have ever known was a lie. All I did was fight. I fought for air. I fought for him. I fought for them. I fought for no one but myself.

Submission I cannot expect

I can’t breath. I can’t see. I can’t feel. I can’t hear.

Father hear me. Grab me. Embrace me. Everyone else has failed.

Father help me understand. How can I surrender?

I need your guidance Lord. I need your hope Lord. I need your full understanding.

I need to see my flaws. I need to let go.

I’m holding onto expectations, holding onto self, holding onto prerogative,

 holding onto nothing.

Submission. Give in...allowing to...forgive...understanding…

Holding onto NOTHING.

I love you but I am unable to submit.