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Learning Hub & Resource Library FAQ (Web)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Hub & Resource Library

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What is the EI LH?

What is the EmployIndy Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is a tool for online learning. Users can complete a variety of virtual courses for professional development and contribute to discussion with colleagues in forums.

Current content includes WIOA professional development courses, YES ETO tutorials, Modern Apprenticeship training sessions, and courses addressing CWDP competency content.

Do I have to pay to use the Learning Hub?

No! The Learning Hub is a completely free tool. Users will never be asked to pay for anything.

Do I have to meet certain criteria to be eligible to use the Learning Hub?

Currently content is available for career navigators within the workforce development ecosystem relating to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) competencies. Upcoming content will expand the audience to Marion County residents 16 and older and users related to other EmployIndy programs or initiatives including Modern Apprenticeship, Job Ready Indy, YES Indy, and more.

Please use the form above "Learning Hub Registration Options" to determine how you can register for the Learning Hub.

Do I have to be a certain age to use the online tool?

Marion County residents 16 and older can use the Learning Hub.

Is this the Marion County JAG Google Classroom?

No. Please contact your JAG specialist to access the JAG Google Classroom.

Is this the Power Huddle Google Classroom?

No. Please reach out to your Power Huddle contact to access the Power Huddle Google Classroom.

How do users register for a Learning Hub account?

Complete the form above "Learning Hub Registration Options" to determine how to register. Then you will either be directed to sign up for an account and get started, or your contact information will be submitted to a program representative for review.

How is this different from LinkedIn Learning?

The Learning Hub is an EmployIndy-developed learning management system that functions similarly to websites like LinkedIn Learning, but is operated and managed by EmployIndy staff. The content on the Learning Hub has been developed or obtained through partnerships specifically to be available for free for Marion County residents.

I’m from a community-based organization and would like to help my staff access these courses. How can I direct them?

For entire team onboarding, please fill out this form to get in touch with Connor Tomasko, EmployIndy’s LMS Manager. Team leads can have access to reports and designate specific courses that their team should be assigned to complete.

What is the Resource Library?

The Resource Library is a supplementary tool to the Learning Hub where all documents from the courses are stored, along with EmployIndy policies and other useful tools and documents. To sign up for a Resource Library account, please register for the Learning Hub and you will be redirected to the Resource Library registration form upon completion.

Upon registering for the Resource Library, if you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact us.

I need technical assistance. How can I receive help?

For technical assistance with either the Learning Hub or Resource Library, please complete a support ticket here. You should hear from someone within 24 hours between Monday - Friday.

My email has changed and/or I am no longer with the same organization. How can I get my email updated so that I can properly access my Learning Hub & Resource Library accounts?

If you need your email updated for your Learning Hub and/or Resource Library, please complete a support ticket at this link. As part of this process, your account(s) will be changed to access Ecosystem courses and resources. Be sure to include the following when completing the form:

  1. In response to the question “Which system is your issue related to?”, select Learning Hub, Resource Library, or Both, depending on which system(s) you had access to using your old email.
  2. In the “Email” field, enter the new email that you will be using. This is the email where you will receive a response confirming that your account(s) has been updated.
  3. In the text box for “Describe your issue” please explain that your email has changed and include the old email that your account was created with as well as the new email that you would like your account(s) to be updated to.