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Barton Pond Grading Plan
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Missed Work

Extra Credit

Students will not be provided opportunities for extra credit. Standards are assessed for mastery of skills/content.

Intervention & Enrichment

An intervention & enrichment block is built into the schedule for all grade levels. Classroom teachers provide Tier II interventions. The Intervention Teacher and/or Classroom Teachers provide Tier III interventions. Students are identified as needing interventions using a triangulation of CFA data, observational data, and results of state & local assessments.

Common Formative Assessments (CFAs)

PLTs collaborate to create Common Formative Assessments (CFAs) directly aligned with the North Carolina State Standards. CFA grades inform report card grades.

Report Cards

Students’ report card grades are a reflection of standard mastery. Teachers use PLT-created Common Formative Assessments, standards-aligned independent work, and anecdotal observation to assess standard mastery.  State & district assessments do not inform Report Card grades.

State & District Assessments

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