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Ghana Rugby Report for August 2017


Training and education steals the show at Ghana Rugby        1

Training & Education (Continued)        2

Ghana Rugby’s Needs        2

Ghana Rugby Seals Partnerships With UK Based Consultants        3

Ghana qualifies for Africa Men’s Sevens Tournament        4

Ghana Rugby Calendar        5

Activity Schedule for August 2017        5

Annual Schedule        7

Forward Planning - September        8

“Get Into Rugby” & Youth Development        9

About Ghana Rugby “Get Into Rugby” Programme        9

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)        10

Key Zonal Data        11

GIR in Action        12

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Key Statistics        13

Ongoing Passport Certification Drive        14

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Training and education steals the show at Ghana Rugby

The month of August is traditionally the month for Rugby training and education and this year was no exception when a World Rugby Trainer arrived in Accra on the same day that Ghana Rugby held its first ever in-house Coaches Clinic in the city.

Mr Robert Bwali from Uganda arrived in Accra on Saturday 12 August 2017 to conduct a week long series of Sevens Rugby Courses at the Accra Sports Stadium starting on Monday 14 August 2017.

The courses, supported by Olympic Solidarity under the auspices of the Ghana Olympic Committee, will include a Level 1 Sevens Rugby Coaching Course, a Level 1 Sevens Rugby Match Officiating Course and a Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Course.

On the day of his arrival, the Ghana Rugby coaches also assembled at the Rugby Secretariat in Osu-Accra for the first ever Coaches Clinic that was initiated by the coach of the national Rugby team, Mr Lovemore “Dallas” Kuzorera.

According to Kuzorera, it is important that the coaches of all Clubs and youth Development Officers get together from time to time to discuss issues of common interest.

“Ghana Rugby has adopted a Development Plan (GRDP) based on the principles as outlined in World Rugby’s “Get Into Rugby” programme, and the principles embodied in the Irish  LTPD (Long Term Player Development) model. It is important that these guidelines are used in practice to improve Rugby development in a structured way,” Kuzorera said.

The Coaches Clinic included a classroom session that included discussions around the challenges that Ghana Rugby coaches face and the understanding of the key performance indicators of a Rugby coach, as well as an in-depth look at the way the

Training & Education (Continued)

76-page GRDP should be used as development guideline.

The afternoon practical session looked at the assessment of players’ conditioning based on the South African BokSmart guidelines as well as a session on the tactics of restarting a match.

“The conditioning of players has become a highly specialised and indeed scientific area that receives much attention in especially top tier high-performance unions and involves the assessment of player’s fitness, speed, endurance, agility and strength. It is only through a proper assessment that one can focus in on the development needs of each player,” Kuzorera said.


Ghana Rugby’s Needs

Governance & Administration

The need to fund Constitutionally regulated meetings, salaries and secretarial expenses.

Youth Development / “Get Into Rugby”

Funding of Development Officers’ expenses to conduct sessions at schools, GIR kit, GIR events and festivals, GIR T&E, school tournaments.

Women’s Rugby Development

As strategic focus area of the GRFU substantial funds are required to promote and fund training/coaching, recruitment, match and other expenses.


The biggest requirements are the funding of the annual domestic league, The Ghana Rugby Club Championship, and Ghana Rugby’s participation in Rugby Afrique tournaments. Other tournaments on the table include the sevens series, beach rugby and U20 tournaments.

Training & Education

The requirement to enough qualified coaches, match officials and GIR Development Officers is huge and with that the funding requirements.

The President of Ghana Rugby, Mr Herbert Mensah, commented from his UK home on the Coaching Clinics and World Rugby Training Courses and said that training and education are fundamental to the future success of  Ghana Rugby and will always be very high on his agenda.

“Rugby in Ghana is in its infant shoes, and without proper training and education our development teams will never be able to lay the essential basic foundation and understanding of the Game, let alone the more advanced high-performance tricks of the trade,” Mensah said.

The Coaching Clinic will also be conducted in Cape Coast on Saturday 19 August 2017 and will be attended by World Rugby Trainer, Robert Bwali.

Ghana Rugby Seals Partnerships With UK Based Consultants

The Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) and Harper Performance have agreed to a partnership aimed at developing the performance-support provisions available to the athletes playing for, and aspiring to play for Ghana Rugby.

Ghana Rugby, established in 2003, is now a full member of both World Rugby and Rugby Africa and is currently experiencing unprecedented growth, popularity and interest in the country and in the world of rugby. The challenges facing the union are enormous but under the leadership of Herbert Mensah since 2014, the GRFU have successfully developed a ten team national league, resurrected women’s rugby and developed a sustainable youth development programme.

The partnership with Harper Performance is an important step in allowing Ghanaian rugby players to receive training and development in areas such as strength & conditioning, sports nutrition, sports medicine and athlete lifestyle advice from leading practitioners in the performance-support industry in a culturally relevant, logistically aware manner.

Herbert Mensah, President of the GRFU, said of the partnership; “We are excited with the endless stream of well wishes and offers of support that Ghana Rugby has been receiving since the announcement of its full membership in record time of World Rugby on 10 May this year.

The partnership with Harper Performance is but one of the outcomes from the reaction and we are very pleased to enter into this agreement

Mr Herbert Mensah, President of Ghana Rugby, with Mr Tim Harper of Harper Performance after the agreement between the parties were concluded in the UK.

Ghana Rugby has performed exceptionally in many areas but the entering of the world stage of rugby will put enormous pressure on our ability to perform technically at high levels. This partnership with Harper Performance is a very important part of our recipe to do just that.”

Tim Harper, Harper Performance Founder and Principal Consultant to the project added;

“With all the blood, sweat and tears that have been poured into the development of the off-field administration of Ghana Rugby over the past few years, it’s important that those efforts are now matched on the training park, in the gym and on the pitch.

The multidisciplinary team at Harper Performance is excited to be bringing our expertise to the GRFU as we look to support the development of the ‘Ghanaian Way’ and achieving sporting and athletic excellence within the logistical and financial parameters that the union faces.”

Harper Performance is a performance-support consultancy working within high-performance sports such as football, rugby, athletics and motorsport. Apart from its for-profit activities, Harper Performance specialises in providing innovative, culturally relevant, financially sustainable, yet highly effective performance support systems to ‘underdog’ athletes and organisations, often hamstrung by logistical, economic and sociocultural barriers to performance.

Ghana qualifies for Africa Men’s Sevens Tournament

The Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) was informed that the Union was drawn to take part in the Rugby Afrique Men’s Sevens Tournament that will take place in Kampala Uganda on the 6th and 7th of October 2017.

This tournament serves as a qualifier for (1) the Sevens Rugby World Cup 2018, (2) the Commonwealth Games and (3) the World Series repechage tournament in Hong Kong.

Ghana Rugby got into this tournament because it qualified as a full member of World Rugby on 10 May 2017 in a record time of fewer than three years under the administration of Herbert Mensah as President.

Eight other teams automatically qualified for the tournament, namely Uganda, Namibia, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal and Botswana. Because Rugby Afrique could not organise a qualifier playoff between the other possible three teams – Mauritius, Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana – the executive committee drew in a transparent and unbiased fashion between the three countries.

Ghana came out first, then Mauritius and lastly Cote d’Ivoire.

According to Herbert Mensah, the President of Ghana Rugby, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity presented to Ghana Rugby.

“I have little doubt that Ghana Rugby is by far the underdog of the ten teams and may have a very slim chance to make the cut in 2017. The fact that we got this chance was not just luck. It took enormous effort and huge amounts of money to get in the position to even be considered,” Mensah said.

This opportunity to qualify for various Rugby world tournaments is another impossible challenge that we will tackle with everything we have and can muster,” Mensah said.

According to the Ghana Rugby President, the participation of Ghana in the Kampala tournament will once again require substantial financial support. T

The Union plans to reach out to government and corporate Ghana to join hands with Ghana Rugby to reap the benefits of being associated with the success story that is in the making.

Ghana Rugby Calendar

Activity Schedule for August 2017 










Tournaments / Festivals

Limited activity due to school holidays


Regional Expansion

scrumIT Management System

To incorporate GIR Activity reporting into the GRFU Rugby Management System. Changes made to reporting system

Jun - Sep


GIR Team

Started implementation of Phase II


I Play Referee Too

Incorporated in GIR Programme







Women Rugby


Women Training - To improve, develop and understand the game and to create awareness to the general public.






Match / Festivals

I Play Referee Too

Training & Education

World Rugby Sevens L1 Coaching & Match Officiating and L1 Strength & Conditioning.

14-18 August 2017




Coaches Clinic Accra

12 August 2017




Coaches Clinic Cape Coast

19 August 2017





“Ghana Rugby CHAMPS” Initiative Launched






Impact Beyond (Rio 2016)

Governance & Administration


Ghana Rugby - Harper Performance Partnership Signed






Annual Schedule






- Eagles Camp

- Corporate Fundraiser

- Regional Association AGMs

- Annual World Rugby T&E

- Bi-annual Coaching Clinic

- Special Election AGM

- Board & Rugby Body Meetings

- International Friendlies

- GIR Courses for PE teachers

- World Rugby TV Documentary

- Cape Coast Rugby Games







- GIR Zonal U13

- Schools U17 Tournament

- Corporate Fundraiser

- Africa Men’s Sevens Qualifiers, Kampala


- Eagles Camp


- Board & Rugby Body Meetings







- Corporate Fundraiser

- University Competition (GUSA Games)

- GRCC Final

- Eagles Camp

- Ghana International Sevens Tournament


- Board & Rugby Body Meetings

- GIR Courses for PE Teachers

- Bi-annual Coaching Clinic






- Beach Rugby 5-aside Tournament

- Corporate Fundraiser

- Ghana International Sevens Tournament

-Rugby Afrique Tournaments

- Board & Rugby Body Meetings

Forward Planning - September







Week 1



Cape Coast September Rugby Games

Week 2

04 Mission Kampala Preparation

05 Mission Kampala Preparation

06 Mission Kampala Preparation

07 Mission Kampala Preparation

08 Mission Kampala Preparation


Week 3

11 Mission Kampala Preparation

12 Mission Kampala Preparation

13 Mission Kampala Preparation

14 Mission Kampala Preparation

15 Mission Kampala Preparation


Week 4

18 Mission Kampala Preparation

19 Mission Kampala Preparation

20 Mission Kampala Preparation

21 Mission Kampala Preparation

22 Mission Kampala Preparation


World Rugby TV Visit

Week 5

25 Mission Kampala Preparation

World Rugby TV Visit

26 Mission Kampala Preparation

World Rugby TV Visit

Election AGM

27 Mission Kampala Preparation

World Rugby TV Visit

28 Mission Kampala Preparation

29 Mission Kampala Preparation


GIRP - Player Registration








- Mission Kampala, Africa Men’s Sevens





- Ghana International 7s

“Get Into Rugby” & Youth Development

About Ghana Rugby “Get Into Rugby” Programme

The Ghana Rugby “Get into Rugby” Programme is a component of Ghana Rugby’s Youth Development Plan and consists of the World Rugby core programme to grow the Game of Rugby globally.

GIR Major Challenges

- Funding for activities, kit & equipment and training

- Blanket approval of Rugby as sport by the Ghana Educational services

- Overall funding of Ghana Rugby that hinders extension to other Zones

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

June and July 2017 has seen a marked increase in both GIR events and participation, especially in Zone 2. Results for August were negatively influenced by the school holidays.

Females represent 56% of total GIR participation. During June a total audit was undertaken of the GRFU statistics that resulted in an adjustment of the “Stay” participants based on non-registered player estimates.

Key Zonal Data

Zon1 (GARA)

Zone 2 (CentWest)

Zon1 (GARA)

Zone 2 (CentWest)

- Development Officers 13

- Schools 27

- Events 14

- Participation 130

- Development Officers 5

- Schools 21

- Events 17

- Participation 151

- Events/DO 1.1

- Events/School 0.5

- Participants/DO 10.0

- Participants/School 4.6

- Events/DO 3.4

- Events/School 0.8

- Participants/DO 30.2

- Participants/School 7.2

GIR in Action

Accra Holiday Session

Accra Holiday Session

Training & Education

Key Statistics

AGM Directive 17 June 2017:  "Rugby Ready" Passport Certification

1. That all Regional Associations (RAs), Clubs and other Rugby Bodies are tasked to ensure that every person involved with Rugby in Ghana (players, coaches, match officials, administrators, etc) complete the above certificate course before  the commencement of the 2017/18 GRCC on 14 October 2017.

2. That the possession of a valid "Rugby Ready" Passport Certificate is set as a qualification criteria for a player to participate in the 2017/18 GRCC.


  • GIR Courses for Development Officers
  • L2 Coaches for Clubs
  • Match Officials
  • Females

Olympic Solidarity Grant

An application for L1 Sevens Coaching & Match Officiating as well as a L1 S&C Courses has also been submitted to the GOV.

Ongoing Passport Certification Drive

More than 80 certificates added during August to September 2016 - See more here.

Recently Added

Level 1 7s coaching         21

Match Officiating (Technical Zone Program)        5

Concussion Management for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals        1

Immediate Care In Rugby        1

Core Programs

- Rugby Ready

- Laws of the Game Rugby Union

- First Aid in Rugby

- Keep Rugby Clean



The funding of Ghana Rugby is without doubt the biggest challenge that the Union faces. As spelt out separately in this June Report the needs for funding stretch over the areas of governance & admin, youth development, women’s Rugby development, performance and training & education.

Previous efforts at mobilising a task force was not successful, and in a new effort an informal initiative was launched resulting in some project introductions:

- Limited offer replica shirts (US$ 1,850)

- “I Love Ghana Rugby” T-shirts

- 2017 Ghana Eagles Album

- Crowdsourcing campaigns via generosity

- Introduction of the “Ghana Rugby Representative” system

The dilemma of Ghana Rugby was also outlined in a document distributed at the 17 June 2017 AGM, and it is clear that this challenge will only be overcome through a major attitude shift within the Ghana Rugby family.

No/Very Little Support From Governing Bodies

Small and “Poor” Supporter Base

New Board and Structures

The governing bodies in Ghana (Ministry of Youth & Sports and Ghana Olympic Committee) has made many promises, none of which has been met and probably will ever be met.

The Ghan Rugby supporter base is small and do not have the capacity to support Ghana Rugby in any substantial way. Fundraising initiatives such as those above probably serve a bigger purpose, namely creating a top-of-mind awareness of the necessity to “eat, drink and sleep” money.

The solution to resolve Ghana Rugby’s plight will hopefully be found in the appointment of the “right” Board in September and the actions that may follow that appointment.

PR & Marketing


July 2017 Report

June 2017 Report

About Ghana Rugby

Constitutional Appointments

Greater Accra Rugby Association

CentWest Rugby Association


Operational Units


- President: Herbert Mensah

- Vice President: Ernest Hanson

- General Secretary: Bismark Amponsah

Elected Members

- Abdul-Aziz Issah

- Ernest Afloe

- James Nunoo Mensah

- Kobina Minta Nyarko

Appointed Members

- Rian Malan (SA)

- Steve Noi

- Constitution

- Strategic Plan

- Development Plan

- 2016 Financial Statements

- President: Abdul-Aziz Issah

- Vice President: Emmanuel Linford Bamfi

- General Secretary: Kukua Aggrey




- Accra Rugby Club

- Conquerors SC

- Cosmos Buffalos RFC

- Dansoman Hurricanes RFC

- Lions RFC

- Titans SC

- President: James Nunoo Mensah

- Vice President: Kobina Minta Nyarko

- General Secretary: Bismark Amponsah




- DENNIS Foundation RFC

- Griffons RFC

- Stallions RFC

- UCC Spartans RFC

- Western Cheetahs RFC

- Bismark Amponsah (+233 24 392 4469)

- Steve Noi

(+233 50 480 2773)

- Emmanuel Kalos

(+233 26 333 7073)

- Jason Dzata

(+233 26 993 5312) 

To be added after September AGM and Board meetings.


Facebook Group



Ghana Rugby Football Union

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