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Student Support Services Options 22-23 Web
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Student Support Services 22-23

Zen Den in B22 during Periods 1-7 (Mon-Fri):

A place for students to relax and regroup or to complete work in a quiet space

Duration: All Year

--If students need to regroup or talk to someone, teachers will send students with a written pass to B22.

Students will check in at B22, fill out a quick google form and it will be determined if they need to go to Guidance to meet with Starvista, remain in the Zen Den if they need some time, or back to class if a person is not available and they are okay.

Executive Functioning Support Center in B22 @ 3:45- 4:15 p.m. (Mon.Tue, Wed, Thurs.)

An opportunity for students to develop a homework plan for the day, week and month.

Check-in opportunities with Jennifer Hettel to help students communicate effectively with teachers.


Mental Health Support Specialist: Shionda Nickerson

Star Vista Counselors: Mellissa Hennessey, Monica Ow, Joselyn Bautista

Acknowledge Alliance: Isabel Jimenez

Contracted LCSW: Jenny Vo


Star Vista Clinical Case Manager: Cynthia Cortez

Community Liaison: Katharina Latu, Abigail Lara

Parent Coordinator: Maddie Reyes



Intervention Counselor & 504 Coordinator: Jennifer Hettel

504 & Zen Den Support: Marisol Angeles

504 Small Setting Testing & Zen Den Manager: Christina Cisneros


Community Based Organization Center: 49ers Academy (case managers for select EPA students)

Armado Castillo  

Michelle Ayala

Lupe Ma’afu

Boys and Girls Club (case manager for freshman)

Jose Sainz Medina

Additional off campus programs who come on-campus to work with students intermittently- Live In Peace and Future Grads


SAAP: Jenna Carson (support and advocacy for at-risk students)