Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

CIS Spring 2018 Combined Schedule

M        Jan        22        Welcome Back Lunch

F        Jan        26        Seniors: Spring syllabus due by 5:00 PM (all seniors, whether capstone or thesis)

Together with your advisers, develop a weekly syllabus (500-600 words maximum) for your work this semester. Also, with your advisers, identify a date and time for your defense and note it on your syllabus. Submit as an attachment to one email to your advisers, the CIS director, and the CIS Program Assistant, Kathryn Perez. In your email, please make this pledge, “On my honor, I have met with all of my advisers and discussed my syllabus with them.”

M        Jan        29        Lunch:  Alexander Nichols

M        Feb        5        Lunch: Sarah Ethridge, Ahana Ghosh

M        Feb        12        Lunch: Luke Gray, Nick Johnson

M        Feb        19        Lunch: Owen Koucky, Isaac Mervis

M        Feb        26        Lunch: Kristen Stark, Logan Morris

F        Mar        2        Seniors: Full draft of thesis due by noon

Submit as an email attachment to one email to the same people listed above.

This first draft deadline is critical. By this time, you should have finished a draft that is complete enough to submit for credit. Then you’ll have several weeks in which to revise the work critically and carefully.

M        Mar     5                Spring Break

M        Mar        12        Lunch: Brooke Rosenblum, Erin Major

M        Mar        19        Lunch: Layan Anabtawi, Anabelle Durham

M        Mar        26        Lunch: Leah Mell, Laura Dunnagan

F        Mar        30        Seniors: Thesis due before midnight

Submit as an email attachment to one email to the same people listed above.

M   Apr      2                Easter Break

M        Apr        9         Lunch: Hannah Doyle, Flannery Rokeby-Jackson

M   Apr     16        Lunch: Sophia Sgroi, Aman Madan

W   Apr     18        Seniors: Oral thesis defenses begin and run through Friday, May 4th.

M        Apr        23        Lunch: Justine Lyon

M    Apr    30       Lunch: Lawrence King, Abby Fry

M    May     7        Lunch: Victor Alan Weeks, Olanike Oyedepo

T        May        8        Seniors: CIS Banquet, Carolina Inn, 7:00 PM

W        May         9        Seniors: Alenda Lux Symposium (All-Campus Poster Fair)

Juniors: Spring status update & outline due by noon 

Your spring submission should refine your fall update and show the progress you’ve made. Once again, it should have two parts, one for a general audience, the other for your advisers.

In part A, explain in 200-300 words what your research question is, why it matters, how you will go about answering it, and what your answer is (= the thesis of your thesis). This more focused version of your fall statement should begin to resemble a formal scholarly abstract.

In part B, do the following:

Submit both parts in one document attached to one email to your advisers, the CIS director, and the CIS administrative assistant. Please include this pledge: “On my honor, I have discussed this document and these plans with my CIS advisers.”