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Electronics & Communication Eng. (2008-2012) at Instituto Politécnico Nacional – ESIME CU


FRONT END ENGINEER, Best Being (Zipdev) Remote — Dic 2019 - Mar 2020

Best Being is a platform that helps companies to streamline and customize your business' HR benefits. As a Front End Engineer I got to translate designs into React code that was maintainable, extendable and modular. I had the opportunity to work on the back-end using AWS services like, DynamoDB, S3, Rekognition, thru Amplify and implemented REST and GraphQL for our front-end clients consumption. At this position I had to acquire a lot of knowledge at a very fast pace because of the novelty of the stack used but I was able to start developing new features within a couple of weeks.

Tools: React, Redux, Amplify, NODE, HTML/CSS/JS, AWS.

FRONT END ENGINEER, Zipdev Internal Team Remote — Sept 2019 - Nov 2019
The Zipdev Internal Team is in charge of developing brand new software and giving maintenance to on going projects for clients.

Tools: React, Redux, Angular, NODE, HTML/CSS/JS.

FRONT END ENGINEER, Springhouse Media (Zipdev) Remote — Oct 2018 - Sept 2019

At Springhouse Media I was in charge of working in the Frontend of a really big worldwide sales website which required precise time interactions, realtime updates and and a high level of user-engagement. We were using a stack of React and Redux and moving towards more functional components. I had the opportunity to improve the codebase by componentizing big parts of the website. I also wrote tools to improve our pipeline for developing email templates and connecting workflows in Iterable.

Tools: React, Redux, Firebase, NODE, Python, Iterable, HTML/CSS/JS.

CTO AND FULL STACK ENGINEER, Interglobal Vision Mexico City, México — Jan 2014 - Sept 2018

Interglobal Vision was a boutique design and development studio focused on delivering high quality UI/UX  that I co-founded. I worked in different projects of different natures and I was in charge of full-stack development as the lead engineer with a team under my charge. As CTO I was responsible for guiding the company in terms of  technology landscape and development, making lead decisions thru leadership, innovation and creativity. I was also in charge of hiring and managing our teams and projects; I got great joy from mentoring junior engineers and sharing my knowledge. I took the lead of moving or stack as the needs of our clients grow, from elegant Wordpress websites to full-fledge webapps and mobile apps  with the latest technologies like Node, React, React Native and Firebase.

Tools: React, React Native, Redux, Firebase, Cordova, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JS.

 CTO AND FULL STACK ENGINEER, Periódico Nuestro México Mexico City, México — Jan -2013 - Dec 2013
Nuestro Mexico, a big but now defunct local news paper, I took great pride in migrating their old website into a modern Wordpress site that fed their front-end and their mobile app. As team leader I was working closely with the CEO, Chief Editors and Designers developing ideas for new and interesting feature articles that were hand-crafted into interactive web pages; articles that came to life in the web. I managed a team that worked effectively creating interactive displays for information that enhanced the information that was being published. Also I was responsible for managing the tech infrastructure at the company providing support for local storing, file sharing pipelines, emails and hosting. I also lead the development of a new mobile app using Ionic and connecting it to the Wordpress that we had previously developed.

Tools: Cordova, Angular, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JS.

WEB DEVELOPER, Self employed Mexico City, México — Jan 2013 - Dec 2013
I worked as a freelance developer along a fellow designer building custom made
Wordpress templates for different clients including Goodyear México, Sangree and RIP by Rosa Pistola.

Tools: Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JS.

FULL STACK DEVELOPER, Brutal Content Mexico City, México — Jan 2012 - Jan 2013
Brutal Content was a content agency that created and managed a handful of websites delivering high quality branded content. I started as a Junior Developer fresh out of school and rapidly grew to Lead Engineer in charge of a team, working with designers, creatives and clients to build amazing websites. I focused on Wordpress as the main platform building custom themes and plugins.

Tools: Angular 1, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JS.


Experience developing  complex web apps using full fledged frameworks like React JS/React Native, Angular and Vue.

Cloud services like AWS and Firebase/Google Cloud Services.

Experience with Node.js, specifically working with Express and Meteor. Familiar with several MVC frameworks, such as CakePHP and Django. Comfortable with MySQL, MongoDB and Firebase.

Ample experience building content sites with Wordpress using custom made themes and plugins.

I favor the use of Nginx as server, because it’s fast and solid response but I’m  familiar with Apache HTTP Server.

No problem learning new libraries and adapting to existing code bases.


Arch Linux, OSX or any UNIX flavored system

zsh, my favorite shell aka my bff

vim, text editor of choice

git, as version control system


Mobile application development.

Front-end development.

Distributed systems.

Hallyu and Kpop.

Contemporary and modern art.