Extreme Networks Innovation Theater

Tuesday February 11th


IH43: Virtual Reality Keynote

Christopher Morley, MD

Co-Founder, Medivis

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH44: XR Speed Tours- Real World Examples of AR, VR and MR in Healthcare

David Metcalf, PhD

Director, UCF Institute for Simulation and Training, UCF Co-Founder, Medivis

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH45: Mixed Reality and Health

This session assembles some of our Microsoft HoloLens partners in the health sector to share insights from their projects and solutions. Using customer pilots and deployments as proof points, learn how Mixed Reality is transforming health, imaging and medical practice and improving patient outcomes around the globe.

Moderator:  Ahmed El Komy, Senior Solution Specialist, Microsoft

Panelists:  David Pearlstone, MD, MBA. CEO, DICOM Director 

Ted Dinsmore, Managing Director, SphereGen

Anand Agarawala, Spatial

Jacob Loewenstein, Spatial

Andrea Bielecki, Invivo

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH47: Guy Mascaro

 President/Chief Executive Officer, Hodei Technology

Sponsored by: Hodei Technology


IH49: Panel – Mayo Clinic

Moderator: Suraj Kapa, MD


Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH51: Surgical Robots: The Future is Already Here

The global community is generally aware of the existence of Intuitive’s da Vinci robot as a powerful and effective tool for a number of surgical procedures. But almost no one is aware that modern hospitals are actually using almost a dozen surgical robots right now and that more than fifty new robotic surgical devices are in the process of coming to market. In this presentation we explore the breadth of all of these devices, create categories based on their capabilities, identify important business impacts caused by these devices, and suggest what advances may appear in the near future.

Roger Smith, MD

CTO, AdventHealth, Nicholson Center

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH52: Opportunities and Challenges When Integrating AR/VR Technology into Your Telemedicine Program

This panel discussion will focus on the real-world opportunities and challenges of implementing and integrating AR/VR technology across the care delivery continuum. Panel participants are all experts in the use wear AR/VR technology to enhance their organizations’ telemedicine efforts to improve access to and the quality of care delivered in rural and remote areas within North America

Moderator, Guy Mascaro

President/Chief Executive Officer, Hodei Technology

Sponsored by: Hodei Technology


IH54: Predictive Clinical Surveillance with AI

Real-time surveillance of rapidly deteriorating conditions is key to impacting quality and cost of care. Machine Learning and NLP are coupled with clinical knowledge to enable predictive and prescriptive decision support at point of care.

Jean-Claude Saghbini

CTO, Wolters Kluwer, Health

Sponsored by: Wolters Kluwer, Health