#139 - Into the Nexus: “The Mitigation Station”

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Damage Mitigation and Vulnerability

Via Lead Live Designer Matt Cooper:

As of the Varian patch, we have changed how the Vulnerable and Damage Mitigation system in our game works. This system and its overarching goal, is to determine how much damage a unit should take based off of buffs and debuffs applied.

Previously on live:

When looking at how much damage a target is going to take, we look to see if there are any buffs or debuffs that would modify that damage. With this, the single biggest damage mitigation buff (Hardened Shield) and the single biggest damage mitigation debuff (Vulnerable) are compared, and the difference is the result.**

Since multiple buffs and debuffs don’t stack, there was no need to implement a cap. The maximum in either direction was simply the biggest buff and debuff available to players.

Now on live:

When looking at how much damage a target is going to take, we sum all of the damage mitigation buffs against the sum of all the damage mitigation debuffs.

Now that multiple buffs and debuffs stack additively, we have implemented a cap. The current cap is set to +75% on the damage reduction side, and +25% on the damage amplification side.

Why is Blizz exploring this?

Previously we had very few effects that adjusted damage, so we felt the need to represent them in consistent bunches. Our debuffs are all currently set at 25%, and we have buffs at 25%, 50%, and 75%. With this system, we feel like we will have the freedom to perform more precise tuning. Instead of removing a Vulnerable talent that is too strong, maybe we can simply reduce the amount slightly.


The Tier Lists are In

Most Powerful Assassin - Valla (Made the top of all lists)

Best Tank - Muradin (Made the top of all lists)

Best Support - Malfurion (Made the top of all lists)

Most Powerful Specialist - Sylvanas (Made the top of all lists except McIntyre’s)

Honorable Mention


MVP Screen Changes Incoming

Via BlizzTravis:

We're making a few changes that should help with this:

Exit button is changing to a skip button that will take you from the MVP screen to the voting screen. So, if you don't want to watch the initial MVP sequence, you can bypass that without having to exit all the way out of the match. You can then exit out of the voting screen early if you want.

Tab screen will be accessible while in the MVP and voting sections.

Chat message notifications when someone leaves the game while in the MVP sequence.

We're trying to find a good balance between enabling and encouraging people to vote without being heavy handed about it.

If you're on tilt after a bad game, the last thing we want to do is force you to sit through a sequence that's calling out how well the other team did. Having the early exit option is important, but the current implementation was too heavy in that direction.

We also get feedback on the duration of the sequences in both directions so putting more control there into the player's hands makes the most sense.

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Power Spikes

Things that can actually cause you to make mistakes. Not power-spikes as in, wow that same spell hits extra hard now.

Level 4

Level 7

Level 13

Level 16



Hey Kyle and Garrett!

First of all, love your show! Been listening since the very beginning and you guys are great. I look forward to your show every week.

Anyways, my main topic for this email is regarding implementing more blood elf characters into Heroes. I know we have lots of Night Elves and Sylvanas, an undead high elf and Kael'thas, our token Blood Elf. Who would you guys like to see put into the Nexus next from the blood elf pool? I personally would like to see Lor'Themar Theron put in. He has some neat lore and I think he would be a cool melee warrior. Not sure what abilities I would give him but I would love to hear your ideas.

Please keep up the great work!



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