Lunch Rotation: 6,7

Our Mission

AES provides a balanced education defined by a joyful pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, arts and service. We enable each student to be an inspired lifelong learner and a responsible, compassionate global citizen.

This Week in the MS:

Monday, November 19

Day 1 - 1234

  • AES Fall Association Meeting, 4:00-5:30pm, HOP
  • AP interviews with search committee 4:00-5:30pm, MSCR
  • Thanksgiving Potluck,6:30pm, HOP

Tuesday, November 20

Day 2 - 5678

  • MS Assembly 10:00am

All grade 8 students & advisory teachers - MS Studio

All grade 6-7 students & advisory teachers - HOP

  • Grade 7 SST, 11:50-12:35, MSCR
  • GLTL Meeting, 3:45-4:45pm, MSCR
  • AP interviews with search committee, 4:00-5:30pm MSCR

Wednesday,November 21

Day 3 - 2341

  • Early Release Day, no after school meetings. Thanksgiving Happy Hour RSVP here
  • Learning Habits PS update
  • AP interviews with search committee, 4:00-5:30pm, MSCR

Thursday, November 22


Friday, November 23



Nov 27        Shanti Concert: Band and Percussion, Theater

Nov 29        Shanti Concert: Choir and Strings, Theater

Dec 1                MS Leadership Seminar #2, 9:00 AM, HOP

                PSA Night Under the Stars, 7:00 PM

Dec 4                Director’s Coffee, 8:30 AM, BCR

                PSA Meeting, 09:00-10:30 AM, BCR

                ASIAC Send-Off Assembly, 10:00 AM, HOP

Dec 6                MS Parent Coffee, 8:30 AM, HOP

Dec 6-9        ASIAC TT/Badminton, American School Mumbai

                ASIAC Music Festival, American International School Chennai

Dec 7                MS Social, 6:30-8:30 PM, HOP

Dec 8-21        MS Art Exhibition, Theater Art Gallery

Dec 9                AWA Mela - Tiger Turf, 10:00-4:00pm

Dec 10-14        MS World Language Week

Dec 11                MS Rising Stars, 5:30pm, Theater

Dec 13                MS Studio Show, 6:00pm

Dec 14                All School Staff - Holiday Party

Dec 15                MS Studio Show, 1:00pm

Dec 21                MS Farewell Assembly, 11:30am, HOP


- Jan 13


Report Comments for Semester 1

link to guidelines

Helpful Links:

MS Office Site - For everything you need


Here’s What We Know:

Flocabulary: We still have an AES flocabulary account. It has great videos and good activities. Use your Google email to log in!

Attendance symbols: You may have noticed that there are now a couple of codes next to student names when you take attendance. “E” represents students in our EAL program and “A” represents students who are in our Academic Support program(please note: this symbol may change following a K-12 alignment meeting). The purpose is to give teachers a reminder each day of students in our classes who are receiving support services.

PowerSchool Report Card assignment: Please make sure to add your PowerSchool Report Card assignments to your powerschool gradebook. This is an important first step so that the reporting gets to the report card!!

Instagram: As you may or may not have heard, last week we had a student(s), disguised as a 6th grader,  who created an instagram called the gossip guesser. We have spoken to grade 6, and are talking as well to grades 7 and 8. We think it has been handled but don’t hesitate to let Jonathan, Karin, Anthea, Melissa or myself know if you hear and more rumblings. Thanks!

Ask your colleagues about:

Ask Isaac, Mark d and Dounia  about livestreaming presentations on instagram( aescurrey). Parents had the opportunity to tune in, make comments on the live feed. Kids were especially excited when Megan V tuned in!

Ask Robert D about Wunderground. Students are using the app to learn more about weather.

Ask Kimberlyn about 3D printing. Her students are 3D printing stamps.

Ask Kyle about his current makerspace project in Science, balloons and wheels and video physics.

Ask Robb about Google Tour Builder. Students are studying resistance leaders.

Let me know if there is something you would like me to include as I know there is so much more going on!!

Professional Development Opportunities:

Technology Coaching for teachers, December 7-8 Amsterdam

Learning2 Europe, January 25-27, Zurich, Switzerland

Convergence Summit, January 25-26 Bangkok, Thailand

Future of Educational Tech, January 27-30 Orlando, Florida

Convergence Summit, Feb 1-2, 2019 Nairobi, Kenya(Kyle and Tracy are going!)

Geo-Literacy Conference, Feb 23-24, Dubai, UAE

Maker Certificate February 24-26 Dubai, UAE

Reading and Writing Tech, March 2-3, 2019 Shekhou, China

21st Century Learning, March 6-9 Hong Kong

Geo-Literacy Conference, April 13-14 Bangkok, Thailand

Maker Educator Certificate, April 13-16, Bangkok, Thailand

Technology Coaching, April 13-14, Bangkok, Thailand

Re-thinking Learning, May 9-11, Singapore

EdTech Courses: Here is a series of online classes available on Google, STEM and much more!


After School Activities Season 2

Catch your buses

Please make sure students have enough time at the end of after school activities to catch their bus.


Booktalks! Literacy across the curriculum

Our students benefit when we all focus on literacy. Let me know if you’d like me to do 10-15 minutes’ worth of booktalks related to your subject or current unit of study.


MS parent coffee presentation - being your child’s digital mentor

Last week, Jonathan, Karin, Melissa and Maureen led a workshop and presentation on ways for parents and schools to be digital mentors for their children/students. We invite you to look through the presentation which we have posted to the MS Counseling Blog, and share with us any additional thoughts and resources you may have on the topic.


Request Form for TT / WAG / SWAG

Please use this form if you would like to submit a request.

Assembly Request Form You can use this form to let the MSALT students know what teacher announcements you would like to make. Please share this information before Friday at lunch each week so they have time to plan for the announcements.


It’s a very short week! This week (Mon-Wed) we will be interviewing the short list of candidates for the AP position. The search team includes faculty, parents and students.


Assistant Principal Search Process

A reminder of the process:

To ensure we have the best candidates we aim to complete the process by late November. However we may be flexible if it means getting the right person takes a little longer. Our process therefore seeks to be inclusive and timely.

The process moving forward:

We are aiming to have this process completed by the end of November.


Rosy Kapoor, November 24

Jyotsna Tuli, November 24

Linda Hoiseth, November 30

Reshma Khanna, November 30