2captcha Software Review: Why Human Beat Bots Always!

2 captcha - Software Review_ Why Human Beat Bots!

2captcha Software Review: Why Human Beat Bots Always!

Recently, we have been reviewing a lot of products and services, that use the 2 Captcha (human, not bot) breaking service based in the Philipines! 2 Captcha has 100% recognition algorithm because you are not relying on spambots. Today I want to tell how this algorithm can be used to increase the speed of captcha recognition. For example,  solvemedia captchas recognized on the average within 23 seconds that affect our average solving time. I was able to speed it up to 13.2 seconds.

Human-workers solve all captchas, some of them do that fast, others not quick. It's not possible to predict which worker will get the captcha. But if the captcha is sent to multiple workers then chance to get the answer faster is much higher.

  1. More workers solve the same captcha recognition time decreases. For my tasks, the best results with minimal attempts number. The price increased three times but solving time is 32.5% less.
  1. For more accurate results I got to use more extensive image set, e.g., 1000 images. As on 100 images, one incorrect answer gives 1% of accuracy loss.
  2. Fewer captchas remain unsolvable and fewer unsolvable results. It cannot be claimed that setting min attempts set to 2 will result in solving 100% of your captchas. When I was getting ready for my test I submitted complex captchas and these captchas were not solved.

Here are examples:

That's why if you will use 100% recognition option with the following settings:

Min number of attempts: 2

Min number of matches: 1

The time to solve decreased from 19.5 seconds instead of 23. With 3 attempts time will be decreased to 15.7 and so on.

Too Technical? How about Some Examples?

That was using some raw testing on the platform available to developers (If you're building your own SAAS or APP), But if you want to see it used in the wild you'd need not looking further than two the most powerful automation tools on the market right now and not's SEO Autopilot (70% success rate posting to blogs like WordPress and Tumblr) and Index Inject (70% success rate indexing rate with Google).

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