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Special Board Meeting On Policies I (10/16/19).
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Minutes for Joslin Memorial Library Board Meeting

                                        6:00 P.M.  Joslin Memorial Library

                                                    Date:  Oct. 15, 2019

                                             Special Meeting on Policies


Present:  Jason, Trish, Sally, Carol , Liz,  Anna, Liz, Ann & Ken Felderman


Absent:  David Babic


The meeting opened at 6:05


The group discussed policies for:


                Computer use


                Code of Conduct


The trustees and staff reached consensus on wording for each of the policies.


Jason will type up the new wording and send it to the trustees, staff, and guests at the meeting.  By the November meeting he will also choose the next three policies to be developed.


The trustees will adopt the policies on computer use, circulation, and code of conduct at their next meeting on November 13th.



Trish moved and Sally seconded to close the meeting at 7:10.


Respectfully submitted ,


Carol Hosford, Secretary