Elizabeth Chitester

Founder and Director

December 4th, 2017

Rising Voices LLC



Progression of Enrollment

Rising Voices Junior Singers:
For students ages 4-10 inte
rested in pursuing vocal instruction. Students may, once they reach age 8, remain in the Junior Singers, or continue on to the Studio or the Youth Choir. This ensemble serves as our training program for future involvement, should the child be interested in continuing instruction, and leads to enrollment in:
↓↓↓↓                        and/or                        ↓↓↓↓
Rising Voices Studio:                                Rising Voices Youth Choir:
For students ages 8+ interested in                For students ages 8-18 interested
private vocal instruction. Students                in pursuing rigorous vocal
may be enrolled in both the Studio                instruction. Students may be
and the Youth Choir if they choose.                Enrolled in both the Studio and
The Studio serves students interested        the Youth Choir if they choose.
in vocal instruction who are either                 The Youth Choir is our highest
not interested or not yet ready to meet         achieving youth program, and
the performance standards of the                 members of the Youth Choir
Youth Choir, alongside students                 are held to the highest
enrolled in the Youth Choir interested                performance standards of our
in pursuing private instruction.                programming.

Pittsburgh Liberty Choir:
For students and adults of all ages, the Liberty Choir focuses on using music as civic education and community building. Students may be enrolled in the Liberty Choir in addition to any other ensemble. Members of the Liberty Choir are expected to perform on a semi regular basis at political and community events promoting civil and human rights, and will be held to high performance standards during these events.

Elizabeth Chitester