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“The More You Know: #AutismAcceptanceMonth” signbite #2 video

Video Description:

Isabella, a Latina, non-binary feminine person with shoulder-length dark hair is wearing a sleeveless black shirt with a high neck, white jeans, and a 3-chain gold necklace.  They are signing ASL in front of a white wall.


I personally am overwhelmed by sounds.  Some deaf people feel like hearing aids are simply uncomfortable, but for me, wearing hearing aids... gives me anxiety, stress, and sometimes physical pain in my ears.  

When I’m in the deaf community with other deaf people or other signers, I can take off my hearing aids and just relax.  When we are signing, I don’t have to worry about sensory overload.

Video Description:

A teal circle animates as Isabella’s video fades away. 2 banners appear with the text, “The More You Know, #AutismAcceptanceMonth.”

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