Charting PWSL Committees

The PWSL Board of Directors is committed to promoting and organizing amateur women’s soccer in a friendly and recreationally competitive manner for women of the San Diego area disregarding race, age, lifestyle and/or religious beliefs.

However, as a volunteer-run organization, it takes a significant commitment of personal time and other limited resources to address all potential problems and/or proposed changes to league policy and process. Issues raised are often complex, and have interconnected impacts to related league functions or process. This does not mean the concerns raised by the league should be “tabled” by the Board indefinitely due to lack of resources. Yet, it is impractical and unrealistic to expect a volunteer Board of only 9 members to be able to provide high-quality, thoughtful, thorough, and swift solutions for every concern or suggestion received. Additionally, an organization of several hundred women no doubt has many more intelligent, capable and skilled individuals who could be recruited to support and strengthen the league infrastructure.

With this in mind, the Board will charter committees of league members (ie, players) to address concerns raised by members of our organization when those concerns require more than a simple customer service action by the relevant board member.

Committees will be charged with recommending SMART proposals for action. It will not be sufficient to simply collect comments from league members and submit to them to the Board; a concrete, constructive and realistic course of action must be presented for the Board to review and vote upon.

If the issue is important to players, and there is sufficient enthusiasm such that individual players agree to devote individual energy to researching and recommending a constructive change, committees will form.

If the issue does not rise to a level of importance such that players are willing to commit their time and other resources, it is perhaps not significant enough for the Board to devote the resources to address the issue immediately.

The Board will be responsible for:

If you are interested in joining a committee, or making yourself available for committees to reach out to you for comments, please fill out this form.

We look forward to working together with players to improve our league and maintain this great space for women to play soccer together.

The PWSL Board of Directors

Updated 3/14/2019