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Holaplex FAQs
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Holaplex FAQs

What is Holaplex?

Holaplex is a NFT storefront builder that utilizes Metaplex and the Solana Blockchain. Our platform allows you to easily customize and configure your Metaplex NFT storefront with a few clicks.

Do I need to know how to code?

No. No coding knowledge is required. Holaplex empowers artists to do what they love- create art, removing the barriers that exist in the NFT world which include knowing how to code.

With Holaplex, you’ll be able to create NFTs of your artworks, list them on your own store or send them to anyone in the world all in a few clicks.

What is the pricing and fee structure?

Holaplex is free to use and we do not take any fees. We do not collect any royalties on items sold. In the future we will provide premium features for a fee.

There are however transaction fees from Solana for most actions such as minting, setting auctions and adding creators. These are quite low.

How do I create a store?

First, install Phantom and Arconnect wallets and populate these wallets with tokens. Navigate to and go through the set up process. You can check out our setup guide and video tutorials for help.

Where do I get Solana tokens?

Solana (SOL) tokens are available on most popular exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.

Where do I get Arweave Tokens?

Arweave (AR) token is available on Binance. If you are unable to access Binance please reach out to @MaxJ on the Holaplex Discord server.

What blockchain does Holaplex / Metaplex use?

We use the Solana blockchain and utilize Arweave to store media.

How much is it to mint a NFT?

Around 0.007 Sol to mint a basic image.

I’ve minted my NFT. Where is it?

It should be visible in your wallet. If you’re Phantom wallet, it should be in the “collectible” section.

I’ve made a mistake in creating my NFT. How do I delete/burn a NFT?

Mistakes can happen, and when they do, you’ll want to burn that NFT forever. We’ve made a guide on our Youtube channel showing this entire process.

Can I sell my NFT for a fixed price instead of putting it on auction?

Currently, we only support listing NFTs on auctions, but selling for a fixed price is on our roadmap. For now, you have the ability to decide the starting bid of the NFTs you list.

My buyers want to sell on other marketplaces, but it’s showing that the NFT is not verified when they do. How do I fix this?

Different marketplaces have different listing rules and criterias. Please reach out to the respective marketplaces’ discord or twitter to know about what their requirements are.

How do I edit my store theme?

Ensure that you are logged into the Phantom wallet associated with the address that has custody over the store. Go to and click ‘Create/edit Your Store’. Navigate to the section you would like to modify. Ensure you have atleasts 0.005 AR tokens to save your changes.

How do I contact Support?

Support is available through our Discord server: The user guide also provides documentation on common issues.