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Technology Requirements
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Program download:

Joffrey Ballet School will conduct all online classes, orientations and events using the ZOOM application.

Students can access their class by clicking on the ZOOM Meeting link and following the prompts or by logging into the ZOOM application and manually entering the ZOOM Meeting ID and password.

Technical Support Reference Guide

Recommendations for optimal viewing

Video/Camera is not working

  1. Log into the ZOOM application on your computer.
  2. Click your profile picture, then “Settings.”
  3. Click the video tab.
  4. You will see a preview of your camera and you can choose a different camera.
  5. If this is successful, but your camera is still not working, close out of all other programs that utilize the camera, such as Photo Booth, Facetime, and other conference software. Then restart your computer.

Video/Camera keeps freezing/cutting out

If you are experiencing any issues with latency, frozen screen, poor quality audio, or meetings getting disconnected, watch the video below for tips on where to place your router and how to extend the reach of your WiFi.


Investigate if other users on the same WiFi network are participating in bandwidth-intensive activities. For the device running ZOOM and other devices that share the internet connection, avoid the following during an online classes:

Unable to join the meeting

Band message/email the intern and confirm that you are using the correct link, ZOOM meeting ID and ZOOM meeting password.

JBS understands that this learning environment is completely reliant on technology. Sometimes technical issues make it impossible for students to participate, especially if the video keeps freezing or cutting in/out. Please communicate if you are experiencing technical difficulties.


Each student will receive an invitation to join a Band Group. Band is a communication application that Joffrey Ballet School will use to post information, schedules, updates and events. Students and staff can also use the messaging feature to communicate with each other.

Band groups will be arranged according to