77.1 System
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77.1 System

Another reboot.  Another reinvention.  I hope this is the last one for 11 weeks.

1. The system is simple.  Devote 11 weeks to building out Walkabout Solopreneur to create a full time recurring income based on affiliate marketing.  77 days.  The diet is under control, but exercise has to be increased.  Begins today, January 7th.  Ends March 25, 2019.  Afterwards, 2 weeks off.  Then iPT.

2. These pages are where I will record my activities for 77 days.  Other projects like books are reserved for the next period.  These are random thoughts and notes that will lead to hundreds of posts.  Much of the books I plan will be written by default as articles and posts.

3. Beginning today, I am using the car only to transport my mother to church, hair appointments, and doctors’ offices.  I will walk to the bus stop if I need to go somewhere.  I will go to Lucky’s Market only on Sundays while she is in church.  During her hair appointments on Thursdays, I will hit Walmart for anything I need there.  Corbett is back in the country and doesn’t know how much he has to take over.

4. I’m making a big change for WS during these 77 days.  I will go back to 3,000 words per day as a professional base.   Affiliate marketing is secondary but included.

5. I do my best work with the big writing goal.  It takes about 6 hours, and an early start helps.  What is lacking is getting these words published online.  I need to walk, not watch TV, and to write all over town.

6. Every 77 days, or 11 weeks, I am geared for a reset.  I will ramp up any areas that take me toward my vision, eliminate useless actions and people, and whip myself into the best mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual shape I can be in.

7. My main focus in life is health, wealth, and relationships.  For each 77 day push, I will concentrate on only 1 goal in each area.

8. Health - reverse and even eliminate type 2 diabetes using a plant based vegan diet.

9. Wealth - completely build out Walkabout Solopreneur with a sales funnel and membership site.

10. Relationships - find all desirable mail order bride wannabes that fit my ideal criteria and post on Pinterest in a board.

11. Downtown Jacksonville is so full of homeless men and women, with McDonald’s being the unofficial homeless shelter.  Not a well-run store.  It’s hard to get people to order on the kiosk.

12. I need to begin to organize my WS posts.

13. McDonald’s on State Street is getting worse and worse.  Turnover of labor is constant.  The kiosks barely work, or the employees ignore them.  I may have to try Burger King across the street.

14. I took a long walk over to UF Shands which is closer to my appointment.  Nice cafe in the lobby of the hospital.  Good coffee.

15. I hate to think of myself as having to be a warrior at age 65.  But I do.  I am fighting my own stupid habits as well as diabetes.  My daughter needed help and support this past week, and I was able to provide some, but not as much as I wanted.

16. We spent the early 70s doing all we could to stay out of Vietnam.  Student deferments. Sole surviving son.  Canada.  Now to have to become a warrior runs counter to my history.  At least I get to choose the battles, make the rules, and build the ideal IBM* warrior.

17. The spirit of the warrior is not tied to any one profession.  Soldiers, squids, and jarheads must have it, but the rest of us can aspire to it in our own niches.

18. As baby boomers, we are stuck with a work ethic or parents and grandparents instilled in us right out of the Great Depression and World War II.  You don’t see it today.  Why would you?  Millennials and Gen X did not have our freedoms or restrictions.  Or 24/7 interruptions from digital devices.

19. In our youth, America was a melting pot.  Now it’s a mosaic, but no one can see the full image the small tiles are trying to make.  It’s not harmony creating the grand design, but conflict.  Our alleged leaders in Washington, D.C., spend more time raising money for the next reelection than doing their jobs.  Bureaucrats are now some of the best paid workers in America with almost unlimited job security.  The government is all about protecting its own interests, not yours.

20. We thought we could change the world.  We did, but not always how we expected.  Civil rights had to happen, and we are all happy they did.  My last ex was a black woman from England.  In my native state of Virginia, we could not have been married there until 1967 (Loving v. Virginia).


Virginia's statutory scheme to prevent marriages between persons solely on the basis of racial classifications held to violate the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment.

21. My grandmother (maternal side) could stretch a dollar further than any woman I have ever known.  She was the youngest of 11 children in the eastern North Carolina countryside, and while she was a great cook, she told me she never had to as a child and the baby of the family.  I can’t imagine how much grief they took being named Grant in the old south, and her brother John was a dead ringer for Ulysses S.

22. My personal chkline is a separate file, but here are some raw ideas for how to make the most of my 77 days of hell.

23. The hardest part of the next 77 days will be giving up television.  Even as background noise, it interferes with productivity.  I can’t afford much downtime.

24. Early morning hours are made for exercise.  I will walk to Cobblestone and catch a bus somewhere.  Instead of taking the laptop, I will carry a book, make my notes and first drafts of posts, and visit the gym.

25. I will need to decide on how much coffee to drink on these morning jaunts.  It should be relatively limited.  Nothing worse than getting on a city bus and needing to go.

26. I have been lazy as hell about exercise which is critical to getting rid of diabetes.  My Walkabout Solopreneur program does, in fact, include walkabout.  The gym and home exercises are a bonus.

27. Our world is in serious trouble.  While we all seem to get involved at the macro level, all we can really control is ourselves.  Do we exercise?  What foods do we consume?  How do we treat our friends, family, and significant others?

“Foreign malcontents can never be successfully integrated into a civilized society because they don’t even intend to try; they intend to conquer their host instead.”


28. The caravans streaming through Mexico toward Arizona are not part of the melting pot.  They are repatriating the homeland.

29. Question everything.  

30. We now live in a time when everyone can be a publisher of news.  No editors.  No filters.  It’s mostly commentary on possible facts.

31. I have to go all in.  I purchased legal pads for this next step.  I am going to paper for all raw drafts.  (not including chklines)  I will go out early in the morning and ride the JTA rails.

32. Concentration has to be on the physical.  I am going all plant based vegan also without the processed foods.  I’m okay on diet, but exercise has been almost non-existent.  Eating too many raw fruits and vegetables costs more, and is hard to do because of the large volume of food you must consume.  I will do it only until my sugar is under control, and then add starches and legumes.

33. I have to go back to waking up at 3:33 and getting out of the house early.

34. Time is running out.  I need to make money now.  My mother needs to be in a nursing home.  Her mind is turning to mush.  I think I can raise the money.

35. I’m not sure what causes clumsiness at this age.  I do things like set a glass down on a counter and come up short.  I drop things that should not have been dropped.

36. As much as I don’t want to, I have to ratchet up the physical training.  It takes weight lifting.  It takes home calisthenics.  Planks.  Stretching.  Planet Fitness should be my second home.

37. I’m never going to create the best IBM* I can be without younger me effort.  I’m not getting any younger, and some beautiful ladies await in China and the Ukraine.

38. I hate it, but I have to be in the best shape of my life.  The only way to get that done is to give up television to free up time to walk to the gym.  Planet Fitness is at Cobblestone, as is wifi at McDonald’s and Starbucks.  Double whammy.  Get work done at the coffee shops and hit the gym before walking home.

39. Once I’m out of the door, the walking is great, and the gym is comforting.  I just hate the sight of an old fart (me) lifting a small fraction of what I could 10 or 20 years ago.

40. As an IBM*, invest in yourself.  Who else is left?  Invest in your health, your side hustle, and your relationships.  To be the best IBM you can be, you have to train and work on yourself.

41. When you invest in yourself, you take responsibility for life and happiness.  I don’t mean investing in things.  You have enough stuff right now.  What good are new cars and clothes until you have your fuck you money and are ready to explore the wonders of women around the world.

42. What you can do if you must spend some money is to still invest in yourself with some PUA training with Kezia Noble or develop your Day Game with RooshV.  At our age, day game is everything.

43. One thing to remember is that if you have no game before traveling abroad, you will have no game in the Ukraine, China, Philippines, or Colombia.  I will cover the day game in a different article.

44. Warren Buffett calls the most important investment the one you make in yourself.  Most of us - myself included - have left too much potential on the table.  What are we waiting for?  Your best asset is your own self.

45. No one understands the world completely.  We have a sphere of competence where the skills we have mastered are contained.  Outside of this sphere, we understand little or nothing.

46. I am amazed at how some people believe they need to have an opinion on virtually every topic.  Worse, they want to give you advice on that topic.

47. A radical focus within your sphere of competence will bear monetary rewards and the confidence that comes from mastery.  It also makes demands on your time easy to resist if they are not squarely in your wheelhouse.

48. Never step outside your sphere of competence.  You may be tempted to broaden your sphere when a topic is not inside but close.  Resist the temptation or risk destroying your reputation and brand.

49. Skills seldom transfer from one domain to another.  You see it every day in the so-called climate change debate.

50. I have read 5 or 6 books on global warming, which the majority don’t call it anymore.  Climate is always changing, and always has, but blaming mankind is a sham designed to extract money for a solution that cannot work.

51. Some intelligent people state emphatically that climate change is manmade.  But these people may be scientists or engineers or hell, psychics.  I don’t know.  But they are not climate specialists.

52.  Today, I put my new personal template into action to see what works and what doesn’t.

53. When I hear cries of white privilege, I can see how we had it.  But the cries come from young people of color who have not faced the discrimination of the 50s and 60s.  Young men and women of color have never seen separate water fountains or been refused service in a restaurant.  You have never swam in separate city pools and slept at separate hotels.  I doubt you have ever seen a KKK billboard out in the open, like one that used to welcome visitors to South Carolina.  Don’t use white privilege as an excuse for your punk ass failing.

54. I’ve been craving carbs lately.  I just can’t make McDougall’s Starch Solution work yet.  Need to consume a minimal amount of grains and processed foods.  Vegan is no problem.  Once I beat the blood sugar numbers down for good, I will now use my system which is going to be tough.  It starts today.  My glucose reading was 205 at 5:00 am.  I won’t be eating again until my blood sugar is under 100.  Radical, but I can get and stay under 100 easily by water fasting.  I want to make vegetable soup and fruit the main part of my diet with as much starch as I can handle.  For 77 days, I will track my diabetes and actually wipe it out.

55. As much as I carry the laptop, I still go back and forth on whether or not to do all rough drafts by hand.  When I used to do morning pages a la Julia Cameron, I did get more done whether building websites or working at a real job.  I like “riding the rails” on JTA, but it takes up a lot of time.  It’s also nice not to worry about your computer when the weather is bad or you decide to explore a new, not so stable area of town.

56. My daughter will be going through hell today and tomorrow.  I don’t want to discuss it just yet, but I wish I was not being forced into caregiver here so I could be with her in South Florida today.  I have to use these 77 days to restructure my life so I can help my daughter in her time of need.

57. When doing these daily pages, I will take as much time as I need to knock out 3,000+ words.  This is all about cranking out unique, valuable content and building out my core blogs. 

58. As to relationships, 77 days will be all about mastering a day game before heading overseas.  For IBMs*, we should all put the bar scene behind us.  Unless you have fuck you money to throw around, chasing 25 year olds is an ugly old man falling off the barstool failure.  IBMs* should hone their day game on their home turf before trying it out in China or the Ukraine.

59. One point to remember is to use IBM* and IBMs* when referring to Introvert Boomer Males.  No need pissing off Big Blue no matter how far they have fallen.

60. Another advantage of writing first drafts by hand is spending less time in front of computer screens.  No one knows how much is too much.  My vision is changing as I get my diabetes under control.

61. I need to order some printer ink.

62. I have a secondary goal of using a vegan diet to create an incredibly low cost way for individuals to stay healthy.  Now, I will have to get it back to where I can eat rice, corn, and pasta.  Rice and beans is a staple around the world, and you can find Chinese and Italian food in virtually every city and country.  Stay vegan my friend.  If you can tolerate starches, you can eat on $3 or $4 a day without breaking a sweat.

63. Can I use my mind to create my own reality?  God, I hope so.  Current reality sucks.

64. There are no perfect IBMs*.  Most of us are constantly looking for areas of our lives to improve - mentally, physically, spiritually, spiritually - to improve.  We want to live the ideal life we believe we can live, and be the ideal man we know we should have been.

65. The IBM* challenge - to overcome the inertia, pain, and lack of energy that time has thrown at us.

66.  I think I have an idea of a new way to structure my Walkabout Solopreneur life.  Whenever someone is in the house to watch my mother - either the health care worker or my nephew - I have to go walkabout.  That will give me at least 25 or 30 hours a week at minimum and could be stretched to 50 if I included early morning hours when others are asleep.  Those early morning hours are good for working online though when no one is bothering me.

67. I have to track a number of actions over the next 77 days.  I will use small notebooks to track by hand and then create a spreadsheet to keep forever.

68. Whenever I look in the mirror and then at my driver’s license or a photo ID, I wonder if it’s the same person.  In the mirror, our minds make adjustments.  Muscle is enhanced.  Fat is reduced.  Wrinkles disappear.

69. As IBMs*, past efforts at making changes and improvements in our lives, and building the lives we want to lead have fallen short.  Reboots and reinventions are started constantly.  For Stoics, it can be a daily mission.  Dissatisfaction resides in the mind from a perceived lack of willpower, time, courage, or energy.

70. I need to take all of my printed books that I have and outline them and make first drafts for content for my blogs.  Once done, donate to the Salvation Army.

71. Start drinking most of my coffee at home.  My hours away from home have to be dedicated to walking and the gym.  Walking at the beach is the best part of Jacksonville.

72. To change, you have to come up with a new understanding of the self and the world around you.

~ Chaz


“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”


“All cruelty springs from weakness.”

Seneca, Seneca's Morals: Of a Happy Life, Benefits, Anger and Clemency

“Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.”



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