Official THL Rules and Regulations

Rules Philosophy

THL's rules philosophy is based heavily on its culture, as linked on the website here. As a reminder, our vision is to play tournament style Hearthstone on a flexible, multi-week schedule that allows players with all lifestyles to compete while forming social connections through teamwork, sporting competition, camaraderie, and love of the game.

The rules below exist to guide players in the case of common issues and aim to correct both negative behaviors and inappropriate competitive advantages gained through failure to follow proper procedures. It is the responsibility of all players to make themselves familiar with these rules and regulations if they wish to participate in THL. All rulings will attempt to influence the match as little as possible so we can play as many games of fair Hearthstone that we can. When a situation comes up that is not explicitly covered by the rules, we will make a judgment in line with this philosophy as well.

Disciplinary action will be brought into play when it becomes clear that a player or captain has attempted to take advantage of any part of the rules against our core values and will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Our organization is based on the honor system first and foremost, and all members of THL should actively work to uphold our values.

THL's culture was created to set the tone for all interactions between the organization's members - we are here to have fun, build camaraderie, and play the game. Poor interpersonal interactions directly counter these goals. We depend on all players to behave themselves in a positive manner, treat each other with respect, and remove themselves from uncomfortable situations and seek outside assistance from their captains and the board when necessary. Our culture and community is our first priority and THL participants who violate that concept will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including removal from the organization.

Weekly Schedule and Deadlines

  1. The THL website will be updated to reflect current match pairing for all series no later than Monday 2:00 AM Pacific Time each week.
  2. Players must communicate their availability to their opponent via email no later than Tuesday 11:59 PM Pacific Time each week, and are highly encouraged to initiate communication as soon as possible in the week.
  1. Players must submit classes or decklists through the class submission forms for their series by Wednesday 11:59 PM Pacific Time each week.
  1. Substitute players or opponents of substitute players will have until Thursday 11:59 PM Pacific Time to submit classes or deck codes.
  1. Players must submit the results of their match by Sunday 11:59 PM Pacific Time each week.

Substitutions and Permanent Replacements

If a player is unable to play their match in a given week, a free agent may take the place of a player as a temporary substitute or a permanent replacement. If you think that you will be unable to play a match in a given week, you should contact your captain so they can arrange a substitute or replacement as soon as possible.



Emergency Substitutes

Match Format

Pre-Match Requirements

Match Process

Match Troubleshooting

Last updated 5/14/2019