What you’re about to read is just another proof of how important it is to put your faith and trust in the right community, at the right time!

It all began with just $85 on March 15, 2016, on a bright spring day full of potential and... inertia.

Starting from them, I’ve started dedicating 5 minutes a day to FutureAdPro.

566 days later I am writing this.

Yes, I did massive compounding in FutureAdPro during this time. And when I say “massive”, I mean it!


Now, the traffic received “for free” in this kind of programs has always been worth more than the money put in and taken our of it. However, let’s not forget that our Bits need to keep getting better!



Here is an epic question that begs to be answered: “HOW did they manage to survive in the current economy for so much, while other similar projects could never stand a chance?!”

One major contributer to their success is, probably, their communication skills and the ability to focus. What I mean by this is that they are running it like a real business (which is something we do not normally see in the online money-making industry…)


But is that all it’s taken them to stand out of the pack? Personally, I believe, that there are many other important variables here, as well...

So, let me present you some of the insight that might spike your interest in this company!



To begin with, I’d like to show you our current account snapshot (made on October 3, 2017):

As you can see, it says that we’ve got 121 active packs worth 121 * $50 = 6050. But that is not exactly how big of a capital we’ve got there.

Firstly (and this is a good piece of news!), the maximum ROI for each AdPack is 120% of its value: $60.

Secondly, not all of our active AdPacks have the same earning potential (just don’t get upset – this is the normal state of affairs in such programs ;)). In other words, not all of them are yet to be repaid with as much as $60.

Since these AdPacks are evenly distributed (~1 a day), it’d be a safe bet to say that our “real” capital is, actually, about a half of that money ($3025).

This is how much we’ll keep owning there for as long as we keep the new purchases/investments rolling, and will be floating above 100 packs (and as long as the program is alive, of course :)).

Another great news: we have got targeted traffic continuously flowing to us!

(yes, I’m truly excited about this!)


Again: why not keep compounding to the max of 1000?

1) Our Money Rules have been set for a reason - so, let’s keep following them!

2) The Better Bits family deserves some love, as well!

Next: Evolved advertising?


How odd is this setup of the ‘10 ads daily’?

~ The timer counts if you have viewed 10 ads during the last 24 hours.

~ The counter resets to 0 when you’ve viewed another 10.


A note to the Advertisers: each viewer has 9 ads to choose from before, actually, viewing each of his daily 10 ads. Nonetheless, each time your ad appears in that list, you’re being charged 1 Ad Credit!

~ Real forced views


Your view is not counted if:

      your mouse cursor is not on the FutureAdPro tab/window

      your screen is inactive

Final verdict: #epic for advertisers!!!




Price per ad credit


Usually, this would be the right question to ask. But since this traffic is “forever flowing”, we are more interested in the consumption of the ad credits, instead!


Here are the stats of my old ads:

For the sake of tracking the progress, I am creating a new Ad Campaign, so that we could track it together (I will post updates and insights on this page later on).


Anyways, if you look at the current stats, you can see that the ratio of ‘clicks to views’ is just around 10%!

And, to tell the truth, I contribute to that minuscule conversion rate, as well. Being “ad blind”, I simply click on the top left ad almost any time I visit the View Ads page...


Lesson to be learned from this: it is always worth writing to the ONE person who will, actually, read the text of your ad. It’s him who has found you/your ad, and not vice versa!





Passing the ID verification was pretty easy. A photo id is worth submitting, but you should make sure that the information in your back office is identical to the one written in your ID card!


The withdrawal process is simple and streamlined. Even with the required email confirmation.


Personally, I do not mind the 5% going to FutureNet (we will find a use for it in the future!).


And the fee for cashing out to Bitcoin is fixed at $4, no matter how much the requested amount is. Which is a great incentive to accumulate up a bigger balance before withdrawing it!




Are you already a member of FutureAdPro?


If not, then, you might want to join our team: future.passive.tools

If yes, then, would you like to have your referral link to this program rotated by us, in the form of another loyalty benefit for BBC members?


There are a couple of things you should consider before joining FutureAdPro!

One of them is the following: this would take you just around 5 minutes a day (on the average). But you’ve got to be consistent!


I can offer a bit of protection to my downline (in case of the site closure: details on the subpage).

We are already in profit here, and have a decent cushion to float on (and to supply the funds for the BetterBitsClub withdrawals).


If you feel like having fun with us in FutureAdPro, then, don’t hesitate to jump on board as our downline -  and we’ll gladly help you grow your capital there!