Jessamine Co. Cafeteria Charge Policy

This Charge Policy is in place for the “Traditional” schools, NOT CEP schools. For the 2018-19 school year, these schools are East Jessamine Middle, East Jessamine High, West Jessamine Middle, & West Jessamine High.

School meals (both breakfast & lunch) are intended to be paid for either at the time of service or in advance by deposit into student accounts; however, we understand that there may be times when a student does not have funds available to cover the cost of his/her meal.  

If a student does not have money to cover the cost, they will not be denied a meal.  Students will be allowed to charge the equivalent of 3 days meals (Breakfast & Lunch).  For students who pay full price for their meals, a Charge Limit of $10.00 has been set.  For students who receive reduced price meals, a Charge Limit of $3.00 has been set.  

Once this charge limit has been reached, we reserve the right to offer the student a Basic Meal, consisting of the minimum required components to qualify for a reimbursable school meal.  No student will ever be denied food & sent away without a meal.  (A basic meal may consist of a sandwich, fruit, vegetable, and milk; but may not be the choice of hot items as listed on the menu.)

Food Service makes every attempt to resolve negative account balances before a basic meal is ever given to any student.  Charge letters are mailed weekly from the Food Service Office once an account reaches -$5.00.  

Parents are encouraged to “opt in” for low balance alerts from our electronic payment system.  Deposits do not have to be made through this system to receive low balance alerts.

Any time during the school year, if a household has a change of income, a Free/Reduced meal application may be submitted either online or by completing the paper version.  This does not have to be completed at the beginning of the school year.

Our desire is for every student to have access to both breakfast & lunch.  Please call the Food Service Office at 859-887-9274 if you have concerns or questions about our Charge Policy.