Canyon School Council


January 14, 2019-6:00pm

  1. In attendance: Paul Pichurski(Principal),Tara Robertson(GR.6 Rep.), Lori Hodges(LRSD Trustee), Jessica Ames(Vice Principal),Terri Simpson(Gr.5 teacher),Aynsley Baker(Chair),Janet Lee(Gr.3 Rep), Tess Craig(Booster Treasurer), Kaley White (Secretary, ECS Rep.)

  1. Call to order: 6:04pm
  2. Additions to agenda: none.
  3. Approval of agenda: Janet
  4. Approval of last months minutes: Janet

  1. Canyon School Principals Report-Paul Pichurski:
  1. Alberta Education Accountability Pillar Surveys: During January and February we will be surveying staff, students in grades 4-6 and their parents to provide feedback, regarding our school community. Staff and students will be doing the surveys at the school and parents will be receiving the survey via mail or online.

  1. Intent to Enroll Forms Sent Home: Forms were sent home and to be returned back to the school, stating if parents plan on enrolling their child back in to Canyon School for the 2019/2020 school year.

  1. Staffing Update:
  1. Mrs. Milligan is still on Medical leave and expected to return mi- February.
  2. Janet Lee is the new Education Assistant as of Jan.7.
  3. Mrs. Matthews returned back to school, Jan. 7.
  4. Mrs. Duncan will return back to school, Jan 15.
  5. Mrs. Mensaghi to begin maternity leave- February 15th-Mrs. Hession will replace Mrs. Mensaghi.
  6. Art Program with Mrs. Hession will continue through to June 2019.
  7. Mrs. Zoratti will remain in 2B.

  1. Success for All Students Discussion: Mr. Pichurski presented a response to Councils request for more information on how all students needs/ potential for  success were being met at School.  Included in his message were themes of inclusion, the understanding of multiple entry points, matching curriculum to student needs, and communication at the Admin level. Some members of Council still  feel that more needs to be done re: increased programming for students that are already succeeding and could be challenged further. It was acknowledged that communication needs to be increased on this subject between the school, teachers, and the parents.

  1. Emotional Support Animal Visits Beginning: There will be scheduled visits with a specific student and a dog. There will be forms going out in regards to anyone with dog allergies.

  1. Parking Lot/Traffic Safety Concerns Update: New signage has gone up. Designated Taxi parking. Student loading zone, with a time frame. Kiss and go lane was no possible. Spring time they will be sandblasting the old crosswalk near the gate entry.

  1. Events from November/December, 2018: Many things happening in Canyon school. We touched on the key one, Trickster. It was a great success with staff, students and audience thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. January 7th was the first day back to school in the new year and January 9th Grade 5/6 Basketball club began with the addition of a new basketball hoop courtesy of Booster Club.

  1. Upcoming Events: 
  1. Jan. 15-Grade ¾ Mini Ball starts.
  2. Jan. 15-Alberta Safe Riders Avalanche Awareness Presentation.
  3. Jan. 25-1Book5Schools Launches. Assembly at 12:15pm.
  4. Jan. 31- No School.
  5. Feb.1-No School.
  6. Feb. 14- Food from the Heart Foodbank Drive.
  7. Feb.15-Family Movie Night Event.
  8. March 12- Music Festival Performance at Canyon School.

  1. LRSD Trustee Report- Lori Hodges, LRSD Trustee.

Lori Hodges brought us key messages from the Board of Trustee Regular Meeting held on January9, 2019. Key Notes included, Student Engagement and LRSD No 68 Fact Sheet on Reserves. There were two presentations, Inclusive Education/ Nutrition/ Health and International Education. The next Regional School Council Meeting will be held February 12, 2019 at 6:30pm in the Fort MacLeod GR Davis Administrative Building.

  1. The ASCA Conference will be held April 26-28, 2019 at the Delta in Edmonton.

  1. Booster Society Report- Tess Craig, Booster Treasurer.
  1. Financial report:

Opening Balance: $7630.40


November 30, 2018- $00.68 (Interest)

December 13, 2018- $50.00 (Opt-Out Program)


December 6, 2018-   $300.00 (Canyon School Reading Challenge)

Reconciled Account Balance:

December 31, 2018- $7381.16

  1. Perogie Fundraiser: Unfortunately, we never reached our goal with the Opt-Out Program so we are putting together a perogie fundraiser. Start Date, March 11 and forms to be returned by April 1. This way our order will be ready for delivery April 17, just in time for Easter Break.
  2. Bring Your Parent To the Movies: February 15 at 6:00 we will be hosting a movie night in the Canyon School Gym. Presenting “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” The showing will be free of charge with a silver collections if patrons wish to donate to go toward end of year activities and field trips. There will also be a small concession where patrons can purchase popcorn, candy bags and water.

  1. New Business:
  1. Tracking/Assessment of Council Goals there were set in 2018/2019:
  1. Enhance student achievement: We are reaching this goal and have been successful so far in our increased communications between the parent community and our School.

ii.         Increase Parent engagement.: We have engaged a larger group to attend School Council meetings this year, which is success towards this goal. We continue to work with Booster to further engage our School community and increase parental involvement in the School and it’s activities.

iii.         Build the School Community: We have had one successful event; the  September BBQ.  With the upcoming Movie night with the parents, we are continuing to work towards the goal of having more events at school that grow our Community feeling.

  1. Planning of March Speaker series: TECH AT SCHOOL-Chad Kuzyk: We have already received feedback and interest from parents in regard to the use of technology in our School and the student use of it. This presentation will be held during regular Council meeting on February 11, 2019 at 6PM.

  1. Committees:
  1. Class Room Rep Updates: nothing to report
  1. Next Meeting Dates:
  1. LRSD Regional School Council: Tuesday, February 12, 2019,6:30pm at the GR Davis Administrative Building, 410-20th Street, Fort Macleod.
  2. School Council- February 11, 2019, 6:00pm Canyon School.

  1. Adjournment: 6:47pm