Island Hashes Reports for 2019

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Sun 6-Jan-19



New Year, New Attitude, was the Order of the Day for Snowman's first-class trail from Wroxall Car Park (wrote Coops). Returning to traditional values, as explained by omnipresent ('gilet jaune') Baldric, the Grand Entertainment followed a single trail with appropriate shortcuts and false trails - but No fishukes. Numbers had hit Magic Fifty - perhaps turning out for that New Year's Exercise Resolution - or, perhaps, due to BeerPump's excellent promotional piece in OnTheWight (sporting section). Keeping us all guessing, the trail led up the cyclepath, then down past the donkeys to Appuldurcombe, back up to Sandford, Bobberstone, and home from Fiveways.  Apres was at the Crab and Lobster (crackin' pint of Timmy Taylors!) where…  

Addendum: In honouring the bargain I made with Cooperman (a favourable write up in exchange for some notes on the down downs). I have to admit that despite being there throughout I don’t remember much about it. Quite probably something to do with the aforementioned Timmy Taylor. I did ask the RA to let me have the notes he’d made during the run, unfortunately I can’t read his writing. I do remember that it was all good fun now that Poor Sod has become more accomplished at controlling the mild chaos that attend his sessions. I do remember that the first DDs went to myself and Balders, whom, in view of the fact he did most of the hard work keeping the speedy hashers under control, I prefer to call trail laying partner rather than assistant. The last DD went to the landlord, Dave, who deserves a very hearty round of applause for the repast he and his staff lavished on us. We only just managed to devour it all.   Snowman

Sat 12-Jan-19



Outside Village Inn, Bembridge, Trigger. 

Who would have guessed that there were so many roads, lanes, track and footpaths in and around Bembridge? Setting forth from the Village Inn, Trigger’s brilliantly crafted I-Ped bash used every single one of them. By the time we emerged down in the harbour by the Pilot Boat most of us were beginning to wonder where we were. And, of course, passing a pub is something bashers have the greatest difficulty doing. Much to the hare’s consternation at least half the pack succumbed to the temptation and piled in. The remainder pushed obediently on to the Vine - St Helens, where lunch was taken by some. Later they were joined by the recalcitrants, just in time to wave goodby to BeerPump who was heading off to Chillerton to assist virgin hare Tim Marshall - what a star.

When the bash resumed some were dismayed by Trigger’s declaration that the bash was barely half done. But they mounted up and peddled manfully off towards Nettlestone, diverting on route to take in the view from Seagrove Bay. Some took a sensible short cut here and promptly lost the trail. After some milling about they decided to head back to Bembridge and the Village Inn. The rest of the pack were coerced by either P-Rick or PoorSod into visiting the Wishing Well Distillery to scrounge tasters. After that, it was back to join the short cutters and partake of more lunch. It seems likely that a fair bit of Trigger’s bash trail remained undisturbed by any bashers wheels. Maybe save it for next time?      

Down downs went to P-Rick for messing up a repair of Busty’s bike that rendered her brakes useless, she got one for letting him do it. Returnee Dildoh also received one, as did the very commendable hare.

And that was the end of a first-class bash. Nice one Trig.


Sun 13-Jan-19



On,on to Beer Pump and Tim Martin’s hash the following day.

Chillerton doesn’t lend itself to very varied trails, but they did the best they could with what they had. Which consisted of a climb to the south, a jog along the ridge and descent to, and across, the Chillerton road. Then a climb to the north a jog along the ridge followed by a descent back to the village.

The Gallybaggers (wiktionary has it, among other things, as Scarecrow - IOW only) is a very interesting little drinking establishment that must be a godsend to the people of Chillerton - except Sundays, it’s not normally open. But with persuasion, most likely from Beer Pump, the landlord threw his doors wide for us - which he may well have decided later was a mistake. Unfortunately he only tapped the beer barrel that morning - not a real ale aficionado then? and so this particular IOW ale was even more cloudy then usual - it’s relative drinkability unmentionable. Putting that aside a great time was had by just about everyone. Food was laid on by some very generous hashers. Whilst the entertainment was provided by a wide selection of limelight lovers. P-Rick and Philthy being the most prominent, whilst the RA himself tried to keep some sort of order. Fortunately he wasn’t entirely successful, so the chaos was richly amusing. And that wasn’t the end of it. With the DDs done with it was time for the games. Yes I did say games. The GM had prevailed upon Baldric’s expertise as a one time Scoutmaster to bring along some of his toys. Enthusiastic participants were not in short supply ensuring that the chaos of the DDs was easily surpassed.

Quite what the landlord, his lady and the virgin hare thought of all this wasn’t recorded, but the expressions on their faces said it all. Gallybaggers will never be the same again.

Phenomenal hashy day. Congrats to all involved


Sun 20-Jan-19



Merstone station car park

Wed 23-Jan-19



High Park Tavern, Ryde

Sun 27-Jan-19



Parkhurst Forest Main CP, off Forest Rd

Sun 3 Feb 19



Nunnery Lane CP

Sun 10 Feb 19



Godshill Public Car Park

Sat 16 Feb 19



Portsmouth 11am, The Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Guildhall Square. Beer Pump

Sun 17 Feb 19



Mottistone Manor Car Park

Wed 20 Feb 19



M&S Car Park, Denmark Road, Cowes, PO31 7SY

Sun 24 Feb 19



The Causeway Freshwater . The Vine Freshwater Fagin

Sun 3 Mar 19



Sun 10 Mar 19