"Why I Honor the American Flag"

The American people are like patches of fabric, each piece interwoven from the fibers of their ancestors. Every single square represents an individual American. Just like in America, all pieces come from different origins and have different, individual qualities that set them apart from the rest. Over hundreds of years, and many ups and downs along the way, these pieces of fabric form into something glorious and unique. The universal symbol of freedom; our American Flag.

The American Flag drapes over our nation like a blanket, or rather a patchwork quilt of diversity and unity, and one that I am proud to live under. This quilt shields us from the elements, acting as a barrier to keep our nation safe and prosperous. However, you cannot have a patchwork quilt without each and every patch being stitched together. Our unsung protectors of this land of freedom are the veterans and the active duty soldiers and sailors. These heroes act as the stitching and the seams of our quilt.

 Elmer Davis once said, “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave." The amount of sheer grit these people show while sticking their necks out to protect our Quilt of Freedom is admirable. When honoring our flag, I'm honoring not only those who protect our nation, but the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice preserving our freedom as well. We wouldn't have the protection of the quilt without the brave men and women who sacrifice so much and expect nothing in return keeping it intact.

We should all honor the American Flag because it symbolizes the promise of hope and safety to many. However, this sense of hope can only last as long as the valiant soldiers are keeping it together. I know that the blood, sweat, and tears our veterans have shed to keep the pieces together should not go unnoticed. I honor the American Flag so that all of the brave people who served under this flag and the ones who passed did not serve in vain. If we fail to give the recognition and remembrance of our past, present and fallen protectors, our quilt will slowly fall apart, seam by seam, and piece by piece.