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Public speaking - Mathieu Spillebeen
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Mathieu Spillebeen

Public speaking


Feminist, hobby-philosopher, organiser of @frontendunited, inventor of @compony_, Freelance Drupal frontend developer & interaction designer. 


As a public speaker I give visionary techy talks about what the future of Component-driven development could mean for Drupal. My topics currently evolve around the following:

Let me know what topics are of most interest and I'll compose the talk around that.


I would love to speak at your conference, so here is a list of things that I will likely ask if you get in to contact with me:


What’s in it for you?

I will gladly help promote your event. I will also be available during the entire event to socialise with attendees including social side-events. I guarantee quality, and hold myself to a high standard. If you decide that my talk wasn't worth it, I won't ask for compensation.

You are free to record, livestream my talk and distribute how you see fit.