Infant Owl Room

Welcome to our baby Owl Room.  We are excited to help and guide your baby through this amazing first year of growth.  In the Owl room we work with each individual baby’s schedule while incorporating enriching learning activities.    We understand that leaving your infant may be hard, however, we want to ensure you that we will work with you to make the transition as easy as possible.  Little Blessings has an “open door” policy meaning that you are welcome to come and visit as much as you would like throughout the day, this is especially convenient for nursing moms who want to come in to feed or express milk.

Our infant room provides formula (Gerber Good Start) if you choose, Gerber stage two vegetables and fruits, infant cereal, and assorted first snacks.  We also have deep freeze storage for breastmilk.  Your child’s teachers will work with you as your child progresses through the many first year milestones.

Our infants are all developing at different times and we can adapt to these changes by rearranging our room to ensure that everyone is able to explore and grow at their own pace, with room for more mobile infants who can play and interact in a safe but fun environment.  The infants have their own play-yard outside to enjoy as well as the ability to go for walks through the Urban Forestry trails.

There are so many fun and exciting things to happen and we look forward to helping your child grow and learn!