Fragleague Ruleset CS:GO

  1. Commitments

  1. Participation

By participating in Fragleague you commit to playing the whole season. If you fail to do so, the administrative team will be forced to take action causing you to potentially lose the ability to participate in any Fragbite and/or Fragleague competitions indefinitely.  By participating in Fragleague you are also accepting what is mentioned hereunder “Your commitments”.

  1. Media rights

By participating in the league you accept that your name, nickname, team name, logos could, and will, be used in editorial and/or commercial campaigns created by Fragbite and/or Fragleague.

  1. Personal details

To compete in Fragleague your Faceit account must be authenticated against  Fragbite during the whole league. You also agree that Fragbite in connection with this will save and store your account information, such as email and username. You also accept that Fragbite before, during, and after the league have the right to use these personal details to contact you with both commercial and non-commercial content.

  1. Administrative discretion

The administrative team is allowed to at any point alter the contents of this ruleset in order to promote fair play.

Any call made by the administrative team during the league will supersede the ruleset and be the most recent adjudication.

  1. Communication

  1. Discord

The official communication channel between Fragleague and participants used for communication prior to and during Fragleague will be (Fragleague category).

  1. Team Captain

All communication that takes place between participants and Fragleague should ONLY be between the team captains and official representatives of  Fragleague.

  1. Format

  1. Structure

Open Division

The league will be played using the swiss-format over a period of nine (9) weeks where all participating teams will play eight (8) games and potentially a playoff. Every match will be a best of three game.

Top Division and Division 1

The league will be played using a regular league format where every team plays against every opponent in their division. The league will be played over a nine (9) week period where all participating teams will play nine (9) games. Every match will be a best of three game.

  1. Scheduled games

Games in the Open Division of Fragleague will be played on Mondays while games in the top division of Fragleague will be played on Sundays.

Matches in the Open Division cannot be rescheduled. If teams in the top division and/or Division 1 aren’t able to play during these days you have the opportunity to reschedule the games. To do this you need to use Faceit’s built-in reschedule function. Make sure to coordinate with your opponent before sending a request on the site, as you may only send ONE, and if it gets denied, no new one can be sent. If both parties do not agree on any potential rescheduled time, the original starting time will remain.

  1. Veto

Faceit’s standard veto system will be used to determine each map.

  1. Point system

Open Division

A won match gives the winning team one (1) point. During the league games, overtime will always be used if necessary to determine a winner. A loss gives the losing team zero (0) points.

Top Division and Division 1

A won series gives the winning team three (3) points. During the league games, overtime will always be used if necessary to determine a winner. A loss gives the losing team zero (0) points.

  1. Game-specific rules

  1. Map pool

This is the map pool that will be used during Fragleague:

Dust2, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, Train and Vertigo.

  1. Roster rules

  1. Registration deadline

Prior to every season of Fragleague there will be a deadline where teams need to submit their roster. Prior to this deadline, all participating teams have to provide a full roster. Stand-ins can in some cases be provided at a later stage but these need to be communicated to our Fragleague CS:GO admins at least 24h before the start of your game.

  1. Roster

All teams are able to sign up with a roster consisting of five (5) regular players and two (2) substitutes

A minimum of five (5) players has to be registered prior to the roster lock. Each team is allowed to register two (2) non-Nordic player in their roster.

  1. Coach

Coaches are allowed to participate in-game during the games played in Fragleague. It is the players' responsibility to make sure they know how Faceits built-in coaching function works and what potential limitations it could have on your lineup.

  1. Crashes

  1. Player

In case of player crashes you are allowed to pause the game using the built-in function. But remember that this will consume one (1) of your allocated pauses.

  1. Server

In case of a server crash always contact an admin.

  1. Game media

All players participating in Fragleague have to record game media (record In-Eye). The recording should contain the full game, including the knife round.

Game media should be saved for seven (7) days after the games. The game media should be provided within one (1) day upon request from tournament admins.

  1. Timeout

Teams are allowed to use the built-in pause function. No other pauses will be used during games in Fragleague. Each team is allowed to pause the game four (4) times where each pause is one (1) minute long.

  1. Overtime

Overtimes will be played MR3 (Maxrounds 3) and with 10000 startmoney.

  1. Match time

  1. Your roster

Before every game, you will select the roster which will play during that specific game. The option to chose the lineup for a specific game becomes available just before you go into the veto process on Faceit. You will be able to choose from players that are already registered in your roster.

  1. Late arrivals

If your team isn’t on the server and ready to play by match start, you lose by walk over.

  1. Walk over

You can lose by walkover by: (1) Not being on time to join a match server, (2) Don’t have enough players on the match server when the game is starting, or (3) you don’t show up to play.

If you are not able to play a certain game during Fragleague please inform a tournament admin of this as soon as possible. If you lose by walkover too many times during the league you could be removed from the league and blacklisted from future events hosted by Fragbite and Fragleague.

The default amount games that would trigger a potential removal from the league is if your team loses by walk over more than three (3) times.

  1. Rule violations & punishment

  1. Cheating

Teams and/or players that are found to be cheating will see themselves removed from Fragleague and will be blacklisted from all future events hosted by Fragbite and Fragleague.

All cases of cheating will be reviewed individually and tournament admins will announce the outcome as soon as possible.

Possible bans and/or blacklists could affect individual players and parts of/or the involved team depending on the respective parties involved in the case.

We allow players to personally stream their matches. Players are responsible for streaming with a significant delay (120 sec+). We will not accept accusations of “stream sniping” as if you are choosing to stream your matches - this a risk you are acknowledging and can prevent.

  1. Bug abuse

Players are not allowed to use any publicly known or unknown bugs during Fragleague. In cases where you are uncertain if you are allowed to use some specific action always ask your tournament admin prior to the usage.

Bug abuse includes but is not limited to pixel walks, illegal scripts, flash bugs.

  1. External programs

Players are not allowed to use any kind of third-party software that is disallowed by Faceit’s nor Valve’s anti-cheating software.

  1. Illegal Scripts

        List of illegal scripts:


Stop shoot scripts (Use or AWP scripts)

Center view scripts

Turn scripts (180° or similar)

No recoil scripts

Burst fire scripts

Rate changers (Lag scripts)

FPS scripts

Anti-flash scripts or binding (snd_* bindings)

Bunny hop scripts

Stop sound scripts