Immunity: The willow was harvested on the banks of the Thames. Bermondsey Beach. Biologically dead. Enemy lifeworlds. All in aid of creating a market for the invasive species, so we can eat our waters clear. Inshore fishing. Water bears or moss piglets. Often, tardigrades can be found by soaking a piece of moss in water.

Narciso: The trait of living in environments that overlap and intersect everywhere, we even wanted to conceive a universe in which everything communicates with everything else and made a world explicit for ourselves in which almost everything defends itself from almost everything else. (roll the double dice)

Parodi: All reality is identical with divinity, everything composes an all-encompassing, immanent god. Biological time scales. Choreographed evacuations. Ughh sound (like the one you make when you are running and you want to keep going on)

N: For quite a while, the living being was conceptually displaced from its natural milieu. “surrounding world”. The soul is not inside the body, but rather the body is in the soul. Interpret organisms as tones, so we can eat our waters clear. Animals of all levels, from microorganisms to human animals, are capable of discerning meaning from environmental cues beyond a purely instinctual reaction. Such meaning is attributable to how organisms enter into relationships with other things and thus come to see the environment as laced not just with signs, but with significance itself. Lobsters feel pain. Octopuses make jokes. Our laws should protect them. (roll the 120 sided dice into the double dice) 

P: Unregulated greed has destroyed the capitalist system. Sweet graphene, how genes are collectively silenced, beach spores help seed clouds, trickle down retribution, dark matter may be building up in the sun, perennial grains emerging, young Ganges, turtle airships, fertility rising, spirit in trouble on Mars, bone healing halved, oxygen reappraisal, power grid backbone. We have a horse to care for but other than that we don’t follow much of a routine.

I: Why forests are spreading in the rich world. How to attract hedgehogs not rats. ( 3.38 Ahhhh (sound when you stretch)  Splintering. Climate Wardens, Weather Clients. The Petrified Forest National Park. The Atmosphere. One of the five great lakes in North America. Twelve million people live along Lake Michigan's shores. The region is often referred to as the third coast. Quiet Sun. Everything here is nowhere else. This happens nowhere else. (lights off and writes ‘Pirates’ with UV pen, this is illuminated)

N: The layer of gases, commonly known as air.

I: The Hydrosphere. (write “to bear”)

N: The liquid water component of the Earth.

I: The biosphere. (write “outlive”)

P. rings windchime

N: The zone of life on Earth, a closed system, and largely self-regulating.

I: The Cyrosphere. (write “bonds”)

P: Sea ice, lake ice, river ice, snow cover, glaciers, ice caps, ice sheets, and frozen ground.

What do you mean by biosphere?

I: The Pedosphere (write “Eorzea”)

P: Pedon "soil" or "earth" and sphaira "sphere". The outermost layer of the Earth that is composed of soil and subject to soil formation processes. It exists at the interface of the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.

P: (Play adiemus, whoever can skate, skates.)

N: It was not for nothing… this happens nowhere else.

I: You should encourage your neighbours to do the same so that you create a series of 'linked' gardens for the hedgehogs to explore and hunt for food in.

N: (Whistling adiemus)

I: (speaking over Narciso) Where did that money go? Who got it? Was there a big fire somewhere? Where did the money go? I spent a long time thinking about that. I said where did all that money go? ……….And she said ‘money is fiction’.

N: This is when he realised that nowhere is safe. How much money is out there? In dollars.

P: They made this financial innovation which is that you don’t actually have to have the stone to have the stone. They carved the stones from limestone on another island and one day they were bringing one of the stones back on a boat and there was a storm, they had to put the stone in the sea to be able to get back to shore safely. And when they got back they told everyone else about the stone being at the bottom of the sea. And they said ‘that’s fine, we believe you, money is money’.

N: Long ago we used to use gold. Then we used paper, the paper says ‘yes there is gold’. Dollar bills are just representing the idea of money. Currency is old fashioned. You don’t have to touch money. You don’t have to see it. Nothing happens in the physical world. Imagine believing in a different fiction with such strength.

P: Everyone stopped believing in their currency.

I: There was a guy changing the prices. You run in front of him. The president wanted to build a new city in the middle of the jungle. People hid the merchandise, so you couldn’t buy anything. They hid the cattle. You can do that here, it’s a very large country. They were going to confiscate everyone’s money. It’s not magic. It’s not something we do overnight. You have to stop creating money so fast. You also have to stabilise people’s faith in money. Unit of Real Value. Unlit Public Footpath. Reestablish the idea of a unit of account. An absolute faith that their currency had no value. To an absolute faith that the value would never change.

P: They are supposed to do what’s best for the economy. How to attract hedgehogs not rats. Just ask the people of Brazil. Strange times in Portland, Maine. Switzerland’s been weird since they unplugged the clocks. In Brooklyn Heights, each convinced that the others’ in the wrong. You almost forget what’s actually going on. And then you remind yourself. Because, it’s the truth.

N: (Play the skaters) Is that too much of a simplistic way to think about it?

P: I mean, it’s ok to think about it in that way. Does that seem weird to you after all these years?

N: Um, yes. Speculation does not require engagement with the land or with labor.

P: It’s created. They are trying to manage something that can’t be managed. A promise. A promise. The need to provide an exact equivalent for what you owe someone who might otherwise be inclined to kill you. How do you measure the loss of what a human being has never received? The annihilation of debt is ultimately divine.