Resist Trump’s Assault on our Oceans and Coasts

How to Pass an Offshore Drilling and Fracking Resolution in your Town, City, or County:

A Step-By-Step Guide

Be a part of a bold campaign to RESIST offshore drilling. Trump announced a plan to aggressively expand offshore drilling, from the pristine waters of the Arctic to the vast Pacific Ocean. We’re going to stop it.

Local opposition to offshore drilling can prevent dirty oil from damaging  our communities, marine environment, and climate. If enough cities speak up by passing resolutions against drilling and fracking, the administration will have to listen. For a running list of city and county resolutions check out our campaign page on our website. More than 150 communities on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts have already enacted resolutions opposing offshore drilling.

We’ll work with you to help your city, county or town pass a resolution opposing offshore drilling and fracking.

This is a step-by-step guide to get your city on board. We’re here to support you each step of the way.

Ready to get involved? We hope so.

Please contact Blake Kopcho at to get started.

Step 1: Identify a likely sponsor or champion for the resolution in your city government.

The first step is to identify a city council member to introduce the resolution. You can often figure this out by researching your city council members or mayor whose biographies are often online. Some cities have an environment or climate commission, board, or body. Those are great places to start.

Step 2: Reach out to the person or persons you’ve identified as possible champions.

Here’s a sample letter to use when reaching out to the council member you’ve identified. We also suggest sending along a sample resolution. If your city council member is not responsive, it may be more effective to email a staff person that works specifically on environmental issues for the council member. You can usually figure out who that person is with a quick phone call to their office.

An email may not be enough to get this moving. We’ve found that a follow-up phone call or two are often necessary. Persistence is important -- don’t be afraid to be tenacious, albeit polite! If necessary, consider asking another council member.

Step 3: Mobilizing and/or asking for an in-person meeting.

Set up a meeting to discuss the resolution, or show up in person to speak with staff. Here are some talking points to help you and a factsheet you should share with staff. Meanwhile, reach out to friends and other activists in your community to build support for the resolution. We can connect you with others in your community that can help.

Step 4: Get on the next meeting’s agenda and make a brief presentation (or arrange for us to present).

After the resolution is moving forward, mobilize others in your city to urge the city council to pass the resolution. For example, have people send letters of support, sign a petition, make calls, and turnout to the city council meeting at which the resolution will be up for a vote. A Facebook event page is a good way to recruit and share details of the meeting with the community.

Use this sample letter to the editor to generate local media attention.

Step 5: The City Council will vote on the resolution that night, or move to vote at the next meeting. 

Mobilize your friends and supporters to show up for the vote and distribute talking points to help them prepare a public comment. Be prepared for either a win or a loss. If the Council moves to vote at the next meeting, don’t be discouraged. You’ve done a great job bringing this important issue to their attention, and you have extra time to convince them to vote in favor of the resolution.

Step 6: Press and thank-yous.

Once you’ve helped achieve the amazing feat of passing a local resolution, the Center can put out a press release announcing its passage, with a quote from you and/or the council member(s) who introduced it. You’ll also want to send letters thanking any elected representatives who sponsored and voted for the resolution. Don’t forget to celebrate on social media!


Template City Council Letter

Sample Resolution: in downloadable Word format

Sample Talking Points

Fact Sheet

Campaign website 

Template Petition

Template Outreach Email

Template Letter of Support

Sample Facebook Event Page

Template Social Media

        Sample Presentation and Power Point

        Template Public Comment (2 minutes)

Template Press Release

Sample Letter to the Editor