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As per the VRG Rules and Regulations:

VRG Identification Cards


Unit Owner Identification Card

1. Each unit owner within VRG will receive an Identification Card/s as per the name/s of the owner/s listed on the deed for their condominium. (Free of Charge)  

2. People who own more than one condominium unit within VRG will receive an Identification Card/s as per the names/s of the owners listed on the deed for their condominium. (Free of Charge)



1. Renter/s will be charged a one-time administration fee of $50.00 for an Identification Card. The renter/s who return to VRG in consecutive years will not be charged for an updated/current Identification Card.

2. Renter Photo Identification Cards are programmed with information relative to their starting and ending dates of their rental agreement.  

3. Renter/s Photo Identification card/s will automatically expire on the last day of their rental agreement.

Visitor Pass

1. A Visitor Pass will be made available for any owner who wishes to purchase one. There is a one-time administration fee of: $25.00. The owner must renew/update their Visitor Pass yearly at no cost to the owner.                          

 Identification Card Replacement Cost

1. The replacement cost for any lost Identification Card is: $25.00                                                                          

All persons are required to present a valid Photo I.D. while using any recreational facility or attending any function when requested to do so by any security person or any authorized “League” representative.

Attachments Sent to all registered for VRG emails and by mail to all others:

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October 30th Halloween’s Eve  VRG WCH Party 


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March 15 VRG Meeting message ; 

Forget the Gates for at least 2018

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Gated Information as presented to delegates (1 per building) Feb. 14 in preparation for the meeting on Feb 15th. Then tabled to November, 2018.
NOW set for the March 15th VRG meeting.

NOW promised NOT to be tabled until November 15th, 2018 - see below:  
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Survey Report: 3/32/2018 21:00


Subject: Correspondence from Domenick Mazzella


Good morning! First, I would like to thank all the Directors who attended the meeting with the Representatives from Anchor Commercial Bank. It is encouraging to see that you have an interest in our community and I appreciate your valuable time.

For those who were not able to attend, you missed a very informative meeting and if any of you would like to discuss what was missed, feel free to contact me. I will also be placing the information from the bank into your building envelopes in the main office.

During my time of working and organizing this project, I have realized that there is much more gathering of information required for our residents to make an informed vote. Therefore, we will be tabling the vote that would have been scheduled at our March 15, 2018 and we will revisit it at our November 15, 2018 Board Meeting.

In the meantime, I will continue to research and organize all the available information, including but not limited to the ongoing maintenance of the system, the exact ways that we will be able to access the gates, whether with a fob or our current access card system, etc. I will attempt to have all questions and misconceptions answered to the best of my ability and pass this information on to all the Directors and Residents. We can also schedule a question and answer session with the contractors involved in the project, so that everyone can satisfy their own quest for accurate information.

I truly appreciate your cooperation and consideration regarding this project and look forward to discussing it further with each of you.

Best regards,

Domenick Mazzella


Highlights include assessments of at least $1365.68 divided over 2 years for each of the 880 units in VRG.

                                                                                 League Amended and Recorded Docs June 2014 -Scanned                                                 

Patsy Gallant Show Feb 10

February Pool Party

Video - UpTown Funk


IRMA Notes From VRG +//-

Photos thanks to Diane O. Bldg 2

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Lost Cat - Morris Bldg 9

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Bernice Berger,

Unit 302 here in VRG 2

turned 97, November 20th.


Fate and destiny have decided that we would become neighbors.

However, we proved them wrong by becoming good friends.

Happy birthday from Building 2, Greenbriar.

Checkout possible gates in WCH

The security office in the WCH is open during the ẃeek from 10am to 1pm to provide the new access cards to owners and renters for now. Note: The new cards cost $50 to replace if they are damaged (holes, etc.) or lost. Visitor and guest cards are not provided unless you buy them at $50 each.

VRG residents are getting calls from scammers professing to be HP technicians or any other tech (Windows, etc.)  wanting to fix or update your computer - HANG UP and do not allow them to block or KILL your computer!!


Oct 5, 9:30

Scroll down the link

Things seem to be getting back to normal at VRG after Irma…

From the insurance meeting, we have received this report:

The Ins. meeting was interesting, and they said it was recorded so you can hear it also. Most of the topic was on the league's responsibility.. As far as damage to VRG it must meet the deductible of the league's Ins which is 3% of the value of VRG property. We were lucky to have escaped much damage besides trees and gutters so they don't believe there was  enough for a claim.

For each building such as our gutters, windows we must meet the 3% deductible of our buildings value.. If we do not have that much damage then it is the responsibility of each building to pay for their own repairs and the building can access each condo owner to cover the cost.  It is also the responsibility of each condo owner to carry their own Ins. to repair their damage..

The League had a meeting to approve   new pool chairs and new card readers for pool entrances Sept. 20th. (Both were passed).


PS. This is everything WE  knew or had received about IRMA up to Thursday Sept. 14th

 8:50 AM Wednesday =our electric came on at 8 this morning- today is Tuesday. SN

4:30 PM Tuesday  checked all 4th floor apartments.The cap for the elevator was blown off and it was leaking water into the elevator.   Some water on Porch in 2 condos .  Kim got it up with paper towels. Called Infinity roofing and asked them to come and secure it.  They will be here tomorrow. Already done many on 3rd. Kim Brock is the best neighbor Greenbriar ever had. - Ruth Building 2

12:26 VRG Has power.  Bldg 2 is up and running.  Elevator working.  Minimal damage.  Gutters back stairs by 414.  

Grateful.  No flooding.  -Ruth

9:52 AM Internet up, but telephone and email is not working at full power.  - BLDG 2

8:49 AM Confirmed that Power is back in BLDG 6

8:14 AM Tuesday   Power just came back -  Bldg 2

8:52 PM Re: 1st floor Bldg 2

Nobody reported any problems on front tee.

8:33 PM Bldg 2

 I do not see any damage as of yet. I asked people / neighbors to watch their places. The wind was scary but no roofs are down. Club house had gutters off in front. There it a lot to cover. I had no leaks , unit 301 had minor leak so I checked 401. It is perfect, 107 perfect. 302 damp by a/ c. No other problem- Ruth

8:08 PM Bldg 2

No flooding

Roof ok. But need to have pro take a look.

Minor problems

No power in VRG!

Lost two gutters and one lanai pain in 301. A few leaks. Still no power.

Kim cleaned like a wonder hero today.!!! RUTH

Ok... needed to know there is no power! My mom is sickly and needs machines to plug in   (919) 423-1406 

10:10 AM

Well my condos are still intact!

Power is off and lots of trees down but no one hurt.

We got lucky! Dexter Bldg 2 + 6

Boynton News in PBP

9:20 AM

For the most everything is fine here at vrg - Marilyn H BLDG 9

9:17 AM  Sept 11

Ruth and Kim are visiting the building (2) to survey the damage but it is looking good … a downspout is loose but no major damage seen so far - no news on 1st floor yet.

11:05 PM

I am led to believe bldg 8 is doing fine.  One window blown out but no real issues,  so I'm told!  Joe A.

10:44 PM

Please include that the power is out in Building 6

9:57 PM

We still have wind but the worst is over, I will know more on Monday morning , please thank everyone for their prayers - RUTH  BLDG 2

6:18    Building 9 :

Marilyn just texted me...they are ok...she watched the storm all day long out her back slider window and mopped up water buckets and buckets...if she would have not been home they would have a lot of water damage...she is still mopping up water and going to shut her phone off.

Update!! Still have power. Lots of tornado warnings. Still safe & sound.💭  
Boynton Beach  Laura H VRG Manager

6:58 PM

Building 10 has sustained some inside water damage, otherwise all is well. Linda Silva

4:26 PM
All is well at building 12.  Stan Jr

3:07 PM

It is really blowing now. Lot of tornado watches. Radio is a God sent. - Ruth

2:08  Sunday afternoon, Sept.10, 2017:

12:03 Sunday afternoon, Sept.10, 2017:


We can share inquiries but only residents can answer- We are not at VRG...sorry.

Do you know if people's cell phones are still working? Or if building 6 / the condo community is safe? 

“ Just got a message -They are OK!!”  Channel 5 is available for WPB


or text 561 536 3343