Shelter Wizards LLC

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Problems with pests such as, but not limited to rodents, spiders, insects and bedbugs can arise.

Each unit is cleaned and treated for pests prior to occupancy. Tenants are to inspect the unit for any signs of pests, before accepting the unit.

If a pest issue arises. We need to work together to resolve it as effectively as practical. Upon being notified for a pest issue the landlord will supply the tenant with chemicals and sprays that are labeled as being effective for controlling the particular pest, limited to an allowance of $100.00 per year. The landlord may suggest certain brands of insecticides. The tenant may select any brand or product labeled as an effective control for the specific pest. Product selection and application according to the label is the responsibility of the tenant.  If the pest problem can not be resolved in a manner acceptable to the tenant, the tenant can find suitable housing elsewhere.  If an infestation can not be resolved in a manner acceptable to the landlord. The landlord may issue reasonable notice to vacate.

Information and labels for the products we recommend are available on our website.

Accepted by tenant.

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