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Dear Parent or Guardian,

Books are expensive.  Please help your student follow these book care rules discussed during library today.

1.   Keep books in back pack away from liquids

2.   Keep books dry

3.   Read with clean hands

4.   No dog-ear pages.  Bookmarks are available

5.   Keep books away from food and drink

6.   Keep books away from pets and younger siblings

7.   Return books on time

8.   Use top right corner to turn pages, avoiding tears

9.   Do not write or color in the books

10.  Protect the book’s spine. Do not drop or bend it back


If a book is damaged beyond repair or lost, the student is responsible for the value of that book before they can check out again.

Learning to read for a young child is a thrilling experience.  You can foster this attitude by reading to your child, and encouraging your child to look at and enjoy books.  This is a memorable experience for both parents and children.