Scientific Method Lab Write-Up Rubric


90-100 = A

80-89 = B

70-79 = C

Below 69= F


5  Write the problem as a question; this is the thesis statement

Is missing small details; mostly succeeds in meeting standard

Problem is not a complete sentence or question

Problem is not present


10  Write notes to explain the because of the hypothesis

Somewhat inadequate for answering the because

Does not address the because

Not present



10  Dependent and independent variables correctly identified

One is done and correct, the other is not

Both are done, but neither is correct

Not present


5 Materials list is  complete

Missing one item;

Missing two items

Not present


5  Lists the steps for carrying out the experiment

Several steps are missing

Many missing steps

Not present or totally inadequate  


10 Includes data table

10  Includes a paragraph under the graph with information from the data table

10 Includes graph 

10 Paragraph Discusses the relationship between the variables in-depth

Data table is not complete

Data barely referred to in paragraph

Graph’s are partially done and/or not labeled correctly

Little depth in graph references

Any one item is missing or any combination to inadequate items

More than 2 items are missing or inadequate


5 Introduction sentence that restates the problem as a statement not a question/Body of paragraph refers to data that makes your point/Concluding statement restates hypotheses

Introduction missing or not adequate

Body too short and does not refer tof data

Final statement does not restate hypotheses

Any combination of errors up to 3 points

Any combination of errors


10 Points

--Arial or New Times Roman

12 Font

--Steps in bold at beginning of each paragraph

--Double or 1.5  spaced

--Title page with picture, name and period #

--No bold or italics

--Black only

--May be handwritten if no computer available; blue or black ink, skip every other line, front only

--Spelling errors corrected

--Complete sentences

One Bonus Point! 😅

8 Directions are followed 80%

7 Directions are followed 70%





69 and below