Earthquake Model Rubric Patent License


8.9--10 points

7.9--8.5 Points

6.8--7.9 Points

Below 6.8


5  Write the problem as a question

5  Include the issue you are trying to discover or solve

Is missing small details; mostly succeeds in meeting standard

Problem is not a complete sentence or question; problem does not state issue

Problem is not present


10 Materials are  complete

Missing one item;

Missing two items

Not present


3  Lists all the steps of how you are going to build your model

3  Includes diagrams.

4 Could be copied by another scientist to build the same model

Two steps are missing OR diagrams are not included OR could not be copied adequately by another scientist OR minor combinations of each

Missing items one or two

Item three is incomplete

Some combination of minor errors that adds up to 3 points

Third item not present

Any combination of errors that adds up to more than 3 points


2 Includes information from the data table in a paragraph

8 Answers at least 3 of the analysis in depth

Data table not present but data recorded in another acceptable fashion

Data table does not have adequate headings

Table is missing details

2 is missing along with a minor error

3 is missing but data is present adequately

Any combination of errors up to 3 points

Any combination of errors up to 3.5 points


3 Introduction sentence that restates the problem as a statement not a question

4 Body summarizes the data as recorded in the table

3 Final statements explain how and why your model was a success or failure

Introduction missing or not adequate

Body too short and does not include a comparison of data

Final statements do not tell how or why

Any combination of errors up to 3 points

Any combination of errors up to 3.5 points

Follow Directions

10 Directions on the direction page are followed

8 Directions are followed 80%

7 Directions are followed 70%


54-60 points

48-53 points

42-47 points