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Sunday, May 6th, 2018
16:00 - 17:30 CET

Dr.Dr.h.c. Monika Lehnhardt, DE/CH

Why Upgrading the Sound Processor

Is Equally Important
as Providing a CI for Deaf Children

Language: English & Russian 

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Learning results for experts

Experts will learn which are the technical features of various models and how they translate into benefits for them and for the recipients

Learning results for parents

Parents will learn which benefits of various speech processor models are specifically relevant for their child and how to get access / how to finance an upgrade

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May 20, 2018 / 16:00 CET

Forum discussion with V. Bakshinyan

Following his presentation of April 22,2018

Technical Updates - the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor

About the Topic

What do we expect from advanced technology?


→ Faster? More efficient? Better performance? Less power consumption? Superior design? Easier handling? More reliable? More expensive?

→ Do recent speech processor generations meet our expectations?

→ Upgrade from ESPrit 3G to Freedom to N5 refurbished / N 5 to N6 to Kanso to N 7

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  Monika Lehnhardt is one of the most experienced Cochlea Implant Experts worldwide. She established Cochlear Europe in 1987, and acted as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Europe and Manager for business development and customer relations focusing on Eastern Europe until she retired in 2008.

She is founder and CEO of Monsana AG, Basel  - including the Lehnhardt Academy which is offering the biweekly Webseminars "PORA" .

Monika Lehnhardt is co-founder and President of the Lehnhardt Stiftung, Germany , which she established in 1994 together with the late Prof.Ernst Lehnhardt , Head of ENT University Clinic Hanover.

In 2016 Monika Lehnhardt  has introduced one of the most successful Charity Programs in cooperation with Cochlear Europe by providing refurbished Speech Processors at minimum costs for an upgrade of children in need in Armenia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. Numerous children where enabled to continue going to school after their SP was broken.

Since more than 20 years Monika Lehnhardt is supporting clinics and experts to setup Cochlear Implant Programs in Central and Eastern Europe. Together with her team she advised hundreds of parents how to make the best possible use of CIs.

Visit Monika Lehnhardt´s account in LinkedIn and read full her full CV in


Dr.Dr.h.c. Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany


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