Alternative Testing Frequently Asked Questions

SdRC Online Portal (

A.          How to schedule alternative testing?

Using the following resources:

·  How to Schedule Alternative Testing [YouTube Video]

·  How to Schedule Alternative Testing [PDF]

·  How to Schedule Alternative Testing PowerPoint [PDF]

B.          Did I schedule my test?

After you click on Add Exam Request, the following page will display System Update is Successful (see image below).

C.          What date/time is my test?

Click on Alternative Testing under the section labelled Upcoming Exam Request(s) for the Current Term, all your requested test will be listed (see image below).

D.          What does it mean: Instructor Has Not Submitted Alternative Testing Contract?

The Alternative Testing Contract is the instructions that we use to proctor your test. We will work diligently to get your professor to complete the contract. To be of assistance check with your professor that they have received the email we sent to your CSUDH email account.  

E.           What is allowed on the test (eg. Notes, calculator, scantron, etc)?

To view the details of what is allowed on the test:

·         Click on Alternative Testing

·         Select a class from drop down menu, and then click View Alternative Testing Detail.

You will be taking to a page similar to the one below.  Pay attention to question 5.


F.           The following questions are answered within the How to Schedule Alternative Testing PowerPoint [PDF] documents:

How to Schedule Alternative Testing?

How to Modify/Cancel Alternative Testing?

What happens when I submit a late Alternative Testing Request?


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Created: October 31, 2017