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Printing out Patron Barcodes by Homeroom

Note: This works for grades pre-K-­­8 classes because ATS codes them for Homeroom. Unfortunately, the same is not true for high school. Please note the official ATS class code may differ from the room number. Retrieve a printout from the office of all the classes and both will be listed.

Step 1: Go to Reports=>Patron Reports=>Barcode Labels

Step 2: Select by Homeroom. Choose the homeroom class to print out.

Click Run Report.

Step 3: Open the Report under Report Manager (or Back Office=> Job Manager). Click View and the report with open as a PDF.

Step 4: Print out!

Note: You can print out the labels on regular printer paper to insert into a 3-­­ring binder. Remember to write the Homeroom number on the sheet.