2GP Circuit — Structure and format
2GP Circuit is a Smash 4 tournament series, which consists of approx. 20 smaller tourneys
called Light Qualifiers (LiQual) and 8 bigger tourneys called Heavy Qualifiers (HeQual). At
these tournaments one can win points or straight invitations to qualify for the 2GP
Championship. The 2GP Championship will be the final tournament of the 2GP Circuit, in
which the best players of the season will face off against each other to determine the overall
winner of the 2GP Circuit.

How to qualify for the 2GP Championship
Three Methods
Win a Heavy Qualifier
Every HeQual winner will automatically qualify for the 2GP Championship. If the winner of a
HeQual is already qualified, the finals ticket will be passed to the highest placed
non-qualified participant.

Qualify through points
The nine best ranked players, that have not already earned an invitation by winning a
HeQual, qualify by accumulated points.

There will be a LCQ tourney before the finals where the last spot in the 2GP Championship
will be awarded to the winning player.

2GP Circuit Point Ranking
The website www.braacket.com provides an algorithm to assess point-distribution for each
tournament. It is based on the following factors:
– Personal placing at the tournament.
– Current league ranking of participants. (The total amount of distributed Points increases with the amount of high ranked players participating in the tournament.)
– Weighting of the Tournament. (LiQual 50%, HeQual 100%)

The points gathered in all of the tournaments will be summed up.

GP Power Ranking (TrueSkill Rebalanced)
Along with the point-based ranking the tourneys will also count towards the GP Power
ranking which is based on a rebalanced TrueSkill algorithm. This will be used to measure the
“skill” of the participants and to seed the LiQuals. It will not affect the qualification to the 2GP
Championship in any other way.

Light Qualifiers
Main Event
Approx. 20 tourneys between January and November on Friday Evening at GP Lucerne.

Prospective Dates (2018)
19.01 / 26.01 / 23.02 / 02.03 / 16.03 / 23.03 / 20.04 / 18.05 / 25.05 /
22.06 / 29.06 / 13.07 / 20.07 / 24.08 / 03.08 / 10.08 / 31.08 / 14.09 / 05.10 /
26.10 / 02.11 / 23.11.

Round Robin à Double Elimination bracket, All Sets BO5.
3 – 6 men Pools à Top 8, 12 or 16 Cut, dependant on number of attendants.

Seeding & Ranking
Following the Trueskill Rebalanced algorithm of the GP Power Ranking on
www.braacket.com. Results do not count for the Swiss Smash League Ranking.

Entry fee
5 CHF per player à 24 at max.

Weight for the 2GP Point Ranking

Side Event
No Side Events at the LiQuals.

Heavy Qualifiers
8 HeQuals between January and November in each case Saturday or Sunday (all-day) at
GP Lucerne.

Prospective Dates (2018)
18.02 / 06.05 / 10.06 / 08.07 / 19.08 / 23.09 / 14.10 / 11.11

Round Robin à Double Elimination bracket, All Sets BO5.
5 – 8 men Pools à Top 16 or 24 or 32 Cut, dependant on number of attendants.

Seeding & Ranking
Mainly following the seasonal Swiss Smash Ranking on braacket.ch with the help of the
All-Time Ranking algorithm of Crash. Results of HQs will influence your ranking of the Swiss
Smash League.

Entry fee
15 CHF per player à 48 at max.
Weight for the 2GP Point Ranking

Side Event – Doubles / 2vs2

Straight Double Elimination bracket, all Sets BO3 except for the Top 4 Sets.

Seeding manually following own judgement.

Entry Fee
5 CHF per player.

Amateur bracket
Players, who do not manage to get into the pro-bracket, are automatically registered for the amateur-bracket.

Straight double elimination bracket, all Sets BO5.

Entry Fee
No Entry fee.

Seeding & Ranking
Will be seeded following the HeQuals’ seeding.

Weight for the 2GP Point Ranking

Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)

Straight double elimination bracket. All Sets BO5.

Prospective Date

Entry Fee

Seeding & Ranking

Weight for the 2GP Point Ranking
No points will be distributed for this tournament.

2GP Championship
3 RR Pools with 6 players each (18 players altogether). First and second placed of each pool
advance to Top 8. Third and fourth place qualify for a RR Challenger Pool consisting of 6
players, who play for the last two spots of Top 8. The remaining participants are eliminated.

All sets BO5.

Prospective Date
30.11 – 02.12.2018

Seeding & Ranking

The seeding will be strictly following the 2GP Circuit Point-Ranking”. The winners of the
HeQuals will
still be seeded according to their rank in the “2GP Circuit Point-Ranking”. The
winner of the LCQ will be assigned the last seed in the finals. Results of the 2GP
Championship will influence your ranking in the Swiss Smash League.


The TOs keep the tourney rules close to the “Recommended Ruleset for Smash 4”
document. Changes to the recommended ruleset will only be implanted into the circuit
ruleset if necessary.