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BSA Mentorship Program - New Students
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BSA Mentorship Program

For New Students

Date: June 17, 2022

Every year lots of newly admitted students arrive here at College Station from Bangladesh. Many of them are flying thousands of miles from their comfort zone for the first time of their lives. Many of our current students also have undertaken the similar journey previously. Each incoming student would be assigned a mentor so that they can be accustomed to the new environment more easily. The mentors would be helping the new students in the following ways -

Before Arrival of Student -

After Arrival of Student -

Please keep in mind that -

  1. Be mindful of the fact that the mentors are voluntarily donating their time and effort despite their very busy academic and professional schedule. However, they are not obligated to help you at the moment's notice.
  2. Try to maintain a healthy and warm relationship with them for receiving better support.
  3. Always provide correct information so that the mentors can help you accordingly.
  4. Do not assume the information you receive from the mentors to be authoritative. Always double check the information with TAMU website (, Study in the States ( or other relevant sources.
  5. Treat mentors as your colleagues. Keep track of the expenses and pay your fair share of the expenses. For example, when you are picked up from the airport by the mentors, pay for the round trip fuel cost.
  6. If you feel unsafe at any time interacting with any mentors, feel free to contact BSA Officials ( or TAMU tell somebody 
  7. In case of emergency, always dial 911 and contact relevant emergency services