USAV Palmetto Region Handbook

Revised 07/25/2020

The region handbook has been divided into two sections.  

SECTION I Index:  

Region Requirements/ Rules enforced with fines or sanctions

I.1 - Club Player-Parent Contracts:

I.2 - Club Promotion for Memberships: (Recruiting)

I.3  Club sponsored , Private lessons, Camps or Clinics:

I.4  Junior Player Movement or communication between Clubs

I.5  Player Eligibility for Events

I.6  Region  Tournament “No Tolerance Policy”

I.7   Regional Championship Team Eligibility/ National Bid

I.8  Junior Player Movement or communication between Clubs

1.9 Region Disclosure concerning penalties


II.1 Club Relationship to region

II. 2- Coaches relationship to Club/Region

II.3. Member Sanction for nonpayment of Club Fees

II.4  Player Eligibility

II.5 Player Age Classification

II.6 Team Age / Level Classification

II.7 Team Registration

II.8 Creating Team Name /Definition

II.9. Team Registration Fee


II.11 Player USAV Membership Registration

II.12  USAV Membership Fees

II.13 Coach Registration



II.16  Coach Background check:

II.17 Sanctioned Season Defined

II.18  Age Waivers:

II.19  Boys playing on girls teams

II.20  Hosting Sanctioned Tournaments

II.21 Region Tournaments

II.22  Tournament registration

II.22a Tournament Dates

II.23  Tournament Team Seeding for Regional Tournaments

II.24  Movement of teams based on results.

II.25 Tournament Fees:

II.26 Gate Fees

II.27 Award Prizes for Junior Tournaments


II.29  Ghost Players / Roster Change

II.30  Uniform Rules:

II.31  Player Uniform Waiver

II.32 Officiating Responsibilities

II.33   Region Rules for 12U Teams


II.35   Players movement within club to another team

II.37 . Sport Accident Insurance Summary

II. 38. Incident Report Form

II. 39  Medical Insurance Claim Form

II. 40 Facility Certificate of Insurance Request

II. 42  Due Process for Palmetto Region



II.45  Remitting Concerns or Complaints to region for assistance or consideration

Rules associated with penalties:
All violations will be kept on record, if future violations take place, additional penalties will be imposed.

Defined Season:  
Start- Once a player signs a club contract AND makes payment toward season fees.

End- The end of USAV nationals, typically early July

I.1 - Club Player-Parent Contracts:

Region requires that each club have a club- parent/player contract. A sample copy must be remitted to the region office to be kept on file prior to December 31st.

Contracts between clubs and members are binding once the club, player and parent signs the contract and money is paid toward fees (not to include tryout cost).  If cash, the club must provide a written receipt.

Contracts must include at minimum:  In short, if you promise something pre season, place it in the contract.  

  1. Playing time defined, provide examples. If no guarantee of playing time, be specific.
  2. Include any promises or guarantees, that would have been provided in verbal information concerning # of tournaments to attend, practice time and quantity, team season dates, coaching promises, any additional training promised, etc.
  3. Specific Refund amounts/percentages, if a player leaves for any reason (quit, injury/sickness, suspended, team dissolved) .  Define exactly what amount is refunded based on when and why they leave the club.
  4. Define grievance procedure on how member is to address the club with concerns.  We suggest the initial concern to be in writing, so to have proof, if needed.
  5. If teams fold for any reason prior to end of team season, does the club provide credit, if so, define how much and include dates.
  6. Include the region no tolerance policy and penalties.  Copy from region handbook.

In order for a club to request sanction on any member for non payment of club fees, sample contract must be remitted in beginning of season and copy of signed contract at time of sanction request.

I.2 - Club Promotion for Memberships: Tryouts

It is the requirement of all clubs to use proper business etiquette when promoting their clubs for the purpose of acquiring players for the upcoming season.  In short, you should advertise FACTS of what you offer and provide to potential members.

Do not reference (or name) another club(s) in a negative context.  This will include all types of communication (written material, verbal communications, websites, emails, etc).  

Open Season: Promotion of clubs may begin after the USAV  Nationals (normally 1st week of July)  and go up to the commitment signing of a member (defined to include club fee payment and signed Parent-Player contract) which normally is mid to late November.

For the region to consider a fine, the violation must be shown in writing to region and have a first hand statement of  proof from the parties involved.

The region will not consider concerns remitted about website wording, unless there is proof of making negative statements toward another club specifically or obvious misstatements.  

The region will determine if the concern is valid and if fine will be considered.


 1st offense – warning

 2nd offense within a 3 year period $150 fine and club placed on probation.

 3rd offense (within 3 yr period of violation)  $250 fine. If a coach makes the 3rd  violation, they are sanctioned from coaching for 1 season.

I. 3  Club sponsored , Private lessons, Camps, Leagues or Clinics: (Recruiting violations)

Junior Clubs are allowed to host camps, clinics, leagues or private lessons.  Stipulations during season prohibit the club from using this event to “recruit” players from another club.  Camps and clinics should be open to anyone (not invitational).

If the above is held during the season, in order for players who are with another club, you must seek a written release from that club director before they can participate.  

 Information or discussions DURING SEASON of your club concerning playing on a team or with your club can not be discussed to players who are current members of another club.  In the open season, defined above, you may discuss playing with your club or on a specific team but can NOT obtain a commitment in writing or collect funds until tryouts begin.  This is similar to a verbal commitment a player may give to a college program- non binding.

During season, in order for a player from another club to participate in a different club, the members club director must provide a written release to participate.

Violation requests are only considered when we have a written and  signed first hand statement.


 1st offense – warning

 2nd offense within a 3 year period $150 fine and club placed on probation.

 3rd offense (within 3 yr period of violation)  $250 fine. If a coach makes the 3rd violation, they are sanctioned from coaching for 1 season.

I.5  Player Eligibility for Events:

Players must be registered with a current membership and listed on a USAV roster in order to play in Sanctioned Tournaments.

Clubs who participate with an unregistered player will have following fine:

1st Offense during season:  $50 fine per person not registered

2nd Offense during season: $100 fine per member and club placed on probation.

3rd offense during season: Team suspended for season.

I.6  Region  Tournament “No Tolerance Policy”

The Palmetto Region has a NO-TOLERANCE policy on screaming, altercations, yelling, or making any derogatory remarks during a tournament, including but not limited to officiating crew.

If two or more people are involved in an incident, regardless of fault, all parties will be included and subject to penalties. Names of parties involved will be kept on region file. If you witness a violation of the No Tolerance Policy, if possible, take a video, remit a statement.

During events, gym supervisors, event staff or professional officials have the authority to expel a violator from the facility.  If this action is taken, the following information must be remitted to the region within 5 days.



1st OFFENSE: Warning and probation for 3 years.  The region may require the club to address the incident with involved parties and/or letter of apology.  

2nd OFFENSE (from the same person):  $150 fine to club, person involved is suspended from attending future tournaments for the remainder of the current season.  If an incident occurs within one month of region championships, the person will be suspended for 1st month of the next season.  

3rd OFFENSE: (From the same person) will be fine of $250 to club and person will be suspended from attending future events for 24 months.  

Based on how severe the violation that incurred, the region has the right to modify the penalty.

I.7   Regional Championship Team Eligibility/ National Bid

In order for a team to be eligible to participate in the Regional Championship Tournament, a team must have participated in at least two USAV sanctioned tournaments, one of these must be in the region and at least two weeks prior to the event date your team is participating in.   Second event can be a USAV out of region event.

Teams seeking a national bid will be required to notify the region by the deadline set in the Regional Championship Rules (provided on region website).

Teams are required PRIOR to requesting a bid, talk to all parents on the team and confirm they are committed to attend. Understand and communicate the bid if you win, you would attend National or American division.

 Region recommends you collect a non refundable deposit to confirm commitment.

Teams who drop out AFTER accepting the bid will lose entry fee and fined by USAV.

Palmetto region pays the entry fee to teams who accept the bid (2019 was $1000). This is paid after returning from event.

I.8  Junior Player Movement or communication between Clubs

Palmetto Region prohibits any director, coach, player, or parent discussing or encouraging movement from one club to another club during the season. Season is defined from time the player-parent signs the club contract, must be after Sept 1 and the end of USAV season, July 5th.  Parties who desire to move to another club must contact their current club director to seek a release.  

If a player or parent approaches another club, the club representative must inform them they can not discuss anything until a release is provided from existing club. The current club has the authority to decline or approve the release.  

If a club desires to hold a clinic, league, beach programming, etc.  In order to invite players from another club, you must contact the players existing club and request from the director a release.  

Complaints remitted must have first hand written and signed statements of parties involved showing proof of violation.



1st offense from club representative– Warning

2nd violation from the same club within 3 yr period:  $150 fine to club and club placed on probation.

3rd violation within a 3 yr period is $250 fine,  if from the same coach that makes the violation they are sanctioned from coaching for 1 season.

1.9 Region Disclosure concerning penalties  

Palmetto region reserves the right to fine and/or sanction any member or club that breaks region or USAV rules or requirements.  

Section II  Information


II.1 - Club’s Independent Contractual Relationship with the Palmetto Region

The Palmetto Region expects each volleyball Club to perform as an independent business, run and managed by its director and/or board and adhere to professional business practices.  In order for a Club to maintain their membership with the Palmetto Region, the Club must follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the Palmetto Region and USVA.

When joining a Club, the player and parents are contracting with a specific Club for services, not with the Region. In choosing a club, it is important for the parents to question the Club’s Director on how each Club manages their business affairs. In the event a Club fails to meet its contractual obligations to its members, does not follow sound business practices,  the Region has the right and authority to sanction or terminate a Club’s membership in the Palmetto Region and USAV.  If this takes place, clubs have the right to due process.

If a parent has a concern regarding their Club not meeting its contractual obligations, they may contact the Palmetto Region Office.

II. 2- Coaches relationship to Club/Region:

Palmetto Region considers club coaches as independent contractors with each club.  The region will be neutral concerning any contract or commitments between club and coach.  We discourage non-compete agreements, but is the discretion of each club to have coaches sign contracts.  Should the club break professional business practices, the region may get involved.

II.3. Member Sanction for nonpayment of Club Fees:

Clubs may request a sanction-suspension of USAV current and future membership on any member who has not paid club dues in full.  Suspension prevents player in participating with any USAV club and will remain in force until dues are paid in full to club and club sends region a release. Keep in mind, we allow them to have due process, a committee reviews this to determine if region will place sanction.  

Remit on region website

Hard Deadline to remit is  8/15, you will get a response from region upon receiving.

SAVL has a reciprocating agreement.

Player and Team Eligibility

II.4  Player Eligibility:  

Each player engaged in USA Volleyball Sanctioned Play is required to register as an athlete in the current Season in which he/she plays.  He/she must conform to the definition of an eligible athlete as stated by the International Olympic Committee and must comply with the rules and regulations of said body.  Each player must be registered with USAV through the Palmetto Region.

II.5 Player Age Classification:

Palmetto Region will use the USAV Junior Player Age Classification for the current season. This chart will be posted on region website each season.

II.6 Team Age / Level Classification:

A Junior Team is composed entirely of Junior Members. Team must register in the age

division of the oldest age division player, unless player waivers are granted (see waivered players).

We allow club directors to choose between club and power (honor system). If a team is stronger based on results:

Teams will be required to move divisions (play up in age or move from club to power)

If you win 2 events at age in club (or beat all region teams in 2 events) – required to move

If you win by a significant point spread (average more than 7 or 8 per set) – May be required to move

If you win any event and have a waivered player on your roster – May be required to move


II.7 Team Registration:

It is the responsibility of each Club to register each team in USAV membership database prior to participation in any sanctioned event. The club has the ultimate responsibility to insure all policies and procedures of the PVA are adhered to by the athletes, parents, coaches and administrators of the team.

II.8 Creating Team Name /Definition 

When creating team names in USAV Member Database, important to include:

(1) Club Name or abbreviation  

(2) Age

(3) Team Name  

Example:  Carolina One could be Car1, C1, Carolina1.  EG Team:  CarOne15 Reg State   Try to restrict total team name to 20 characters.

II.9. Team Registration Fee: 

There is currently no team registration fee in the Palmetto Region.


Club teams are to use their eleven (11) digit code when registering teams. Example:  F15LOWCO1PM. Request from region your 5-digit alpha club code.

II.11Player USAV Membership Registration:

A member must register and pay in USAV member database to be a current member of the Palmetto Region and to participate in any Club tryout, practice, or match. The Player, parent, or legal guardian must register the player.  .A third party is not allowed to complete the registration. See the Region Website for details on amounts and how to register.

II.12  USAV Membership Fees

Member fee cost will be posted on Region Website.

II.13 Coach Registration:

It is the club’s responsibility to attract coaches of high moral character, with knowledge of the sport, and with the ability to convey their knowledge to the athletes they train. Coaches must be of good character and emotional stability. It is imperative the club verify this information on every coach in your program.

All coaches must be current paid members of the Palmetto Region of USA Volleyball  prior to the first practice or tryout. Since 2005, USA Volleyball has been protecting the children who play by requiring all adults who have any contact with players within the club to have a current background screening. These are due every two years and are automatically done via member database.  


Coaches are also required to have the USAV IMPACT & Safesport course certification in order to coach in a junior program and be placed on a roster.


Palmetto Region coaches are responsible for the officiating requirements.  All requirements are listed on the Palmetto Region website.  

II.16  Coach Background check:

 It is the policy of the Palmetto Region that any individual intending to work with junior players must apply for background screening policy as determined by the USAV.

II.17 Sanctioned Season Defined

The Sanctioned Season begins with the date member signs club contract and makes payment toward fees. The season ends on final day of USAV National Tournament for indoor season (Typically first week in July)

II.18  Age Waivers: (revised 07/16)

The Region has the ability to grant age waivers for players who need to play in a younger age group for skill level purposes, or who, because of their geographical location, have limited opportunities to participate. The Age Waiver Application must be completed online.  Age waivers are only good for in-region competition.

To be considered:

II.19  Boys playing on girls teams

Region allows the following for boys playing on a girls team or all boys teams playing against girls team.

Boys that are 12U or younger may play in same age division as girls.

Boys 13 or 14U USAV age division must play up two age divisions to participate with girls.  15u and above may not participate on or against girls.


II.20  Hosting Sanctioned Tournaments:

Clubs or officers of the Region may request to host an event. Request normally are considered by the region in May of each year. Contact region to receive the Region Tournament Host Request Policy.  

II.21 Region Tournaments

See the region website for tournament schedules, normally posted late summer to early fall. Membership should understand, late changes could happen (site unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, facility schedule change, equipment error, region not informed of safety factors, power loss, etc). The region makes ever effort to avoid this, but will not be responsible for late changes requiring a change of venue, loss of venue or cancellation of event.  

II.22  Tournament registration:

Palmetto Region has central registration through Advanced Event Systems (AES). All region tournament entries must register through this venue. See region website for details on how to register and rules to follow. Acceptance into specific tournaments is based on paid entries on a first come, first serve basis. Entries received on the same day will be based on entry date-time.

II.23  Tournament Team Seeding for Regional Tournaments:

Teams will be seeded in regional tournaments based on current region ranking/seeding program.  Seeding/ranking is not an exact science, a region developed system is used to best estimate the strength of a team. If no seeding information is available, host or region will place teams based on best information available at time. See website for explanation and ranking information. Power equivalent level teams must play up 2 age levels if participate in a club event.

II.24  Movement of teams based on results.

Any team which wins two (2) region Sanctioned Club Tournaments in their age division (or higher) may be moved up to a higher division or age group, should a spot be available. Club Directors may request a team be considered to move down if this team is in the lowest 10% of the current ranking file. Approval will be determined by region, if spots are available.

II.25 Tournament Fees:

Fees will be set by Region for single day and multi day tournaments.  See region website for event cost.

II.26 Gate Fees:

Single day tournament gate fees will be charged for adults, children 18 and under are free. Gate fees for multi-day tournaments vary and may include fees for children. contact host or see website.

II.27 Award Prizes for Junior Tournaments

Tournament Hosts are required to supply the following minimum prizes:  As of 2019 season, medals are given in all age divisions.

For a tournament consisting of a single division, 1st place in that division (Gold)only. For tournaments consisting of more than one division, 1st and 2nd in Gold Divisions and

1st in all other divisions. Currently the region purchases medals in bulk and supplies host based on need. Medal cost are deducted from host pay.


Protests arising with respect to eligibility for a specific Tournament, interpretations of the playing rules or decisions of the officials must be handled by the “Tournament Committee” assigned by the Tournament Host and must be in accordance with current USA Volleyball rules.

Protests and complaints, other than those above involving USA Volleyball should be directed to the Regional Commissioner.

II.29  Ghost Players / Roster Change

The region may allow 5 players and ghost player to participate in region events.  This is not allowed for the regional championships if a team is seeking a national bid.

II.30  Uniform Rules:

During Sanctioned play all teams must abide by the USAV uniform regulations as set forth in the rule book each year.

II.31  Player Uniform Waiver

The DCR (Domestic Competition Regulations- Rule book) will provide uniform rule.  However, for play within the Palmetto Region, the Commissioner can grant exceptions to players/teams for in region events only.  

II.32 Officiating Responsibilities:

It is the responsibility of the club/team to train and teach their membership to meet minimum officiating duties/team requirements set forth by Palmetto Region.  Teams must have passed minimum requirements prior to participation in any sanctioned tournament.  See Region website for current requirements and certification process.

II.33   Region Rules for 12U Teams

The region takes the position for 12u and younger ages to “play to learn” not to fail.  For regular 12u and younger tournaments, they are allowed to step in 3′  if they have difficulty in successfully serving across the net.  We certainly do not want a 12u jump server taking advantage of the step in.  

For our Kids Power events, designed for beginner or developmental only teams, we have modified rules.

Limit 3 serve rule: If 3 consecutive serves- we side out with no point award.  Prevents the ace server from running off 25 points. Server has only two attempts at serviing


Serve From Rule: Players are allowed to move in on the court in order to make a successful serve.  Up to 10′ line.  Do not abuse this.


No Scorekeeper needed, we will just use a flip chart. We REQUIRE you have a parent/adult do this.  Prefer an adult for lines   Use Scorereport forms after matches


Unlimited Sub: Players may come in and out as desired.


Relaxed Rules: We will relax rules and calls to encourage play.  COACH IS UP REF ONLY – no kids


Details of rules and requirements for the Regional Championships will be posted on the Region Website.

II.35   Players movement within club to another team

There is no restriction on the number of times players registered with a Club may participate with another team from the same club having a equal or higher age or division classification than the one to which registered initially for the Palmetto Region. A player may not participate on more than one team during the same event, during the same tournament weekend. Power level players may not be moved to club level team events.


II.37 . Sport Accident Insurance Summary

USA Volleyball Secondary Sport Accident – Summary of Coverage for Domestic Team Participants Competing in Sanctioned USA Volleyball Events. Check region website for information.

II. 38. Incident Report Form

If an injury occurs to a player, spectator, parent, official, volunteer or coach, this document is required to be fully completed and submitted as quickly as possible to Region office. Needs to be completed by coach or club director.  

II. 39  Medical Insurance Claim Form

This form will be completed after the the families primary insurance pays.  Remit claim form with Explanation of Benefit from their insurance company directly to the USAV insurance company, listed on the form.  Form is located on region website.

II. 40 Facility Certificate of Insurance Request

This insurance covers your sanctioned use of facilities–gyms, buildings, etc. Some building owners request a specific insurance policy naming their building and your organization before they will allow you to rent their building. For more information and request insurance, go to region website under Directors page

II. 41   Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance 

Clubs may purchase through USAV. This is a separate policy from the general liability coverage policy provided through USA Volleyball membership. Contact Region for more info and cost.

II. 42  Due Process for Palmetto Region


The Region will have an official current document with rules/requirements.


The Palmetto Region Volleyball Association is committed to maintaining an athletic environment that is free from sexual harassment and/or unwanted sexual attention. Harassment can occur between any combination of members of the volleyball community coaches, players, parents and organizers.

It generally occurs when one person, the harasser, holds a position of real or perceived authority over another individual. Sexual Harassment may involve:

Palmetto Region volleyball members may not engage in sexual harassment of another Palmetto Region member, unwelcome and unwanted sexual advances, request for sexual favors, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature such as sexual jokes, gestures, graffiti, posters, writings, touching or other physical contact may constitute sexual harassment when:

Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for participation, team selection or decisions affecting such individual. Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s opportunity to participate in volleyball events alternatively, creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

Members encountering behavior perceived as harassment may seek to resolve the matter in direct conversation with the individual understood to have engaged in the harassment.


View here on region website for complete list of your membership

II.45  Remitting Concerns or Complaints to region for assistance or consideration

The region is always available to hear concerns or complaints. We require  these be remitted in writing.  When remitting, region needs first-hand knowledge, not hear-say. If person remitting doesn’t have first-hand knowledge, obtain a statement from the person who has that knowledge.