Bennett Valley Golf Club

November Board Meeting (Held on 10-28-2018)

Present: Gregory Fearon ,Maria Guarienti, Steve Hanak, Ralph Thomas, James Miller,

Louis Capuano Ken Richter

Absent: John Christenson, Doug Smith, Jordan Schnur

Call to Order: 7:40 AM by Ken

Minutes: October minutes were read and accepted

Treasure’s Report Gregory’s updated financial report for the first month of the new 2018-19 FY was presented. There have been several outlays for tournament, supplies, membership cards, etc. Proposed budget is currently based on last FY. Gregory suggested that we soon gather a finance committee to review the numbers and adjust according to any new anticipated 2019 tournament expenses. Current club balance is 27.3 K$ and details posted on the BVGC Gdrive.

Membership: Ralph noted that membership renewals are beginning to trickle in. Approximately 75 so far.. Ralph expects about the same number of additional renewals the day of the Due’s Breakfast.

Tournament: Jim set up the NCGA 4-Man 2-BB tournament using Golf Genius. Jim is our newest board member and has come up to speed very quickly with the latest GG software. His efforts are greatly appreciated in helping to spread the tournament setup workload.

The board discussed more detail for the Member/Guest tournament. It was suggested that we open up the format to even include a guest/guest entry. This expands the spirit of promoting our club. Separate flights will be set up for the different combinations.

Maria noted that there is still confusion relating to Women playing the red tees with 5 of them set at the “BVWG” curb markings. This has been discussed at length and agreed upon some time ago but several members do not understand the USGA rating system for slope/CR/handicap holes causing unnecessary confusion during tournament days.

NCGA Handicap: Louis reported that all is well with no significant changes with NCGA.

Old Business: None

New Business: The board discussed the importance of early coordination with Legends for our events.

Adjourned: 8:50 AM

Respectfully submitted, Ken Richter on behalf of John Christenson, Secretary