10 Money Saving Steps To 100% Renewable Energy

Energy Sourcing

  1. Green Electricity

  1. If my Town has joined a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA --Marbletown has) to buy 100% green electricity, usually at reduced cost, I am likely already enrolled. If I have chosen a different energy provider, then I will opt back in for the savings and green electricity.
  2. If my town is not in a 100% renewable CCA, I will email my  board members, speak at a board meeting, or write to the local paper about setting up a CCA.
  1. Solar or Community Solar

  1. I will sign up for community solar and  get nearly 10% savings on my electricity bill with no up-front costs and no termination fee.  (Anyone who pays an electric bill and does not have solar on their roof is eligible.)
  2. Or, if I have a suitable roof and can benefit from the tax credits, I will consider home solar, which is a great investment.

Energy Efficiency

  1. Insulation and Air Sealing

  1. Where accessible, I will insulate and air-seal the critical areas of my home, like the rim joist around my basement or crawl space and my attic.
  2. When I replace my roof or siding, I will add continuous insulation under the new roof or siding unless the attic or walls are already well insulated.
  3. Whenever any work is done on an exterior wall of my building, I will take the opportunity to reduce air leakage and add insulation. Electrical outlets and other penetrations of exterior walls like window frames deserve extra attention.
  1. Efficient Electrics and Wood heating

  1. I will use only efficient LEDs in high use lighting areas
  2. When buying appliances, wood stoves, and pellet stoves, I will look for Energy Star appliances, and compare annual energy usage between models.


  1. Transportation

  1. EV Ready. The next time I have electrical work done, I will ask the electrician to also install an electric vehicle charger or electric vehicle charger-ready circuit (50A 240V) with a NEMA 14-50 outlet near my parking space(s).  
  2. Electric Vehicle: The next vehicle I purchase will be an electric vehicle (EV) or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), unless there is no current EV or PHEV  meets my needs or budget (i.e. I need a pickup truck), Instead, I will use my old vehicle or purchase only used vehicles until suitable EVs or PHEVs are available. When buying used vehicles, I will look for more fuel efficient options, such as hybrid cars and trucks. If new EVs or PHEVs are too expensive for my budget, I will investigate the purchase of a used EV or PHEV.
  1. Building Heating and Cooling

My next home heating and/or cooling systems will be 100% renewable, i.e. they will not use fossil fuel.

  1. If I install or replace an air conditioning unit, I will do so with a cold climate rated air source heat pump or geothermal heat pump.
  2. If I replace a boiler or furnace, I will do so with a cold climate rated air source heat pump, geothermal heat pump, or an EPA-rated wood or wood pellet furnace or heater.
  3. If I install a wood stove, pellet stove, or other biomass heater, it will meet the EPA 2020 standard.
  4. If I use wood for heat, I will store my wood protected from rain and snow, and obtain wood well in advance so that it has time to dry fully.
  1. Hot Water

        When replacing my hot water heater, I will replace it with a heat pump or hybrid water heater, electric on-demand water heater, solar hot water, electric tank hot water heater, or an auxiliary heater off a wood or wood pellet furnace.

  1. Cooking and Clothes Drying

  1. My next range will be traditional electric or electric induction.  
  2. My next oven will be electric, preferably electric convection.
  3. My next clothes dryer will be heat pump dryer, electric dryer or a clothes line/drying rack.
  4. I will use fossil fueled appliances less by making use of an induction hot plate, toaster oven, and/or clothes line/drying rack.

  1. Yard and power equipment

When considering the purchase of fossil fuel powered tools and equipment--such as lawnmowers, snowblowers, generators, chainsaws, weed whackers--I will research and purchase electric (corded or battery powered) or human-powered  options whenever they are available and meet my needs.

  1. Looking beyond energy and helping others

I will share what I have learned with friends and neighbors, and help them to transition to 100% Renewable Energy as well.  I will consider ways to further reduce my environmental footprint and environmental impact such as my purchasing habits, offsetting airline travel, my diet, my use of single use plastics, and my financial investments.




Planned Replacement


Electricity Provider

CCA https://www.hudsonvalleycommunitypower.com/


Community solar or Home solar


Insulate & air seal basement/ rim joist


Insulate & air seal roof/attic f


LED lighting




Wood stove/fireplace


EV Charging


Vehicle #1




Water heater




Clothes Dryer


Lawn/yard equipment

Created byTom Konrad Ph.D., CFA and  the Marbletown Environmental Conservation Commission, Jan 2020.  Page  of 4