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My Favourite Quotes

"They told me, "Son, you're special. You were born to do great things." You know what? They were right." - Quote By: Jack Ryan (from the game: BioShock)

"We all make choices but in the end, our choices make us." - Quote By: Andrew Ryan (from the game: BioShock)

"Our home is where we are. Our place of origin is not relevant, only where we choose to go together." - Quote By: Legion (from the game: Mass Effect 2)

"A weak man knows the value of strength, of the value of power." - Quote By: Abraham Erskine (from the movie: MARVEL's Captain America: The First Avenger (2011))

"Go out there and give them hell, you was born to do this!" - Quote By: Garris Vakerian (from the game: Mass Effect)

"In our darkest moments, when life flashes before us, we find something; something that keeps us going." - Quote By: Lara Croft (from the game: Tomb Raider: A Survivor Is Born)

"I am Legion, for we are many." - Quote By: Legion (from the game: Mass Effect 2)

"But deep inside me, I could feel something different. A gentle and warm whisper telling me that I am… alive." - Quote By: Kara (robotic female protagonist from the video game: Detroit: Become Human)

"A mother's heart is an abyss at the bottom of which there is always forgiveness." - Quote By: Honoré de Balzac

"Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don't have the strength." - Quote By: Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President Of The United States Of America

"No Gods or Kings, only Man." - Quote By: Andrew Ryan (from the game: BioShock)

"You can never spell FUN without YOU!!" - Quote By: Bernie Crane (from the game: Grand Theft Auto IV)

"It's you who has the wisdom to be strong and the wisdom to be wise. It's you who will climb the mountain and it's you who will reach the peak." - Quote By: Phil Collins (from the song: Son Of Man)

"Let me tell you something that I've learned the hard way. You can pay a soldier to fire a gun. You can pay him to charge the enemy and take a hill. But you can't pay him to believe." - Quote By: Admiral Steven Hackett, 1st Fleet, The Earth Systems Alliance Navy (from the game: Mass Effect)

"Every point of view is useful, even those that are wrong - if we can judge why a wrong view was accepted." - Quote By: Legion (from the game: Mass Effect 2)

"I am a gamer, not because I don't have a life but because I choose to have many." - Quote By: Wilhelm Ryan (a video gamer)

"If Carrie Ford wins the National, I'll bare my backside to the wind and let everyone kick it." - Quote By: Ginger McCain (World Famous Horse Rider/Jockey & Horse Trainer)

"UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." - Quote By: Dr. Seuss (from the book: Dr. Seuss's The Lorax)

"It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become." - Quote By: Dr. Seuss (from the book: Dr. Seuss's The Lorax)

"What we do in life, echoes in eternity!" - Quote By: General Maximus (from the film: Gladiator)

"How can a man die better, than facing fearful odds, from the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his Gods?" - Quote By: Thomas Babblington (from the poem: Horacious)

"Of course my client looks guilty. Just because he looks guilty doesn't mean he is. You look like an idiot, but that doesn't mean you are." - Quote By: Ken Rosenberg, Lawyer (from the game: Grand Theft Auto Vice City)

"There's always a man, he just wears a different uniform." - Quote By: Johnny Klebitz, Chapter President Of The Lost Motorcycle Club (from the game: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost And Damned)

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Quote By: Albert Einstein

"'Minecraft' certainly became a huge hit, and people are telling me it's changed games. I never meant for it to do either. It's certainly flattering, and to gradually get thrust into some kind of public spotlight is interesting." - Quote By: Markus "Notch" Persson, creator & founder of Minecraft

"To Life, Love and Loot!" - Quote By: Captain Morgan's Rum (brand quote, it's not a quote by Sir Henry Morgan!)

"When we understand the events that occur to us, the events become history. History is understanding. Otherwise we are all just dumb animals trying to get in out of the cold." - Quote By: Hasphat Antabolis (from the game: The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM)