How long have you worked here?: July 2018 - present

Where are you from: Vancouver, WA native

First love of wine: Truthfully, I didn’t know that much about wine before my friend who worked at Burnt Bridge encouraged me to come in. I had tried wine before, but I wasn’t “in love.” When I came into Burnt Bridge and tried the wine, I realized how good wine could be!

Favorite current wine at Burnt bridge: 2015 Pont Brûlé

Favorite wine of all time from Burnt Bridge: 2014 Merlot Reserve

Favorite wine varietal: Grenache because it blends really well with other wines or could be a superior wine all on it’s own.

Favorite part of working at Burnt Bridge: I love the awesome community that Burnt Bridge has created and being the face of that community.

Favorite event we put on: Blind tasting. I love seeing regulars become so serious when they try to guess the correct wine.

Favorite Food: Sandwiches! I love all, but my favorite would have to be a chicken sandwich

Fun fact/something we don't know about you: I’ve been getting into fermentation and have been fermenting my own cabbage!