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Booster Club Meeting

1:00 pm, October 13, 2017

Music Room, Teach School

Welcome & Introductions – Robyn

Previous Booster Business


9/8/17 Minutes--Grace*

Treasurer’s Report Ratify Expenditures* 12 Month CD*--Lena

Principal’s Report--Darla

Pancake Breakfast Final Update--Anika

Catalina Debrief--All

Tiger Challenge--Cindy & Amy

Spirit Wear & Water Bottles--Anika


Battle of the Books--Robyn & Darla

By-Laws update--Dianne

PTO Meeting update--Grace

New Boosters Business

Teacher Appreciation Breakfasts

Camp Ocean Pines--All

Upcoming Events:

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast 10/

Electives continue

10/18 Wed Chipotle restaurant fundraiser

Attachments:  Minutes, Financial Report, 9/30/17 Auditor Report,  Certificate of Insurance

Action Items to Launch 2017 – 18: Bylaws Finalization

Needs: Grade Reps and Room Reps 

To Celebrate:  

2017 Booster Meeting Schedule

Open to all (Requires Board Quorum)

Nov        Wed         11/15          8:30 – 10 am        Music Room

Dec        Fri         12/8          1:00 – 2:30 pm        Music Room

SLCUSD Board Meetings:

Oct        Tue        10/17        6:00 pm        LOMS

Nov        Tue        11/7        6:00 pm        District Office        - Blue Ribbon Committee report        

Dec        Tue        12/12        6:00 pm        District Office                

*requires motion + vote