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Rochester Intro to Video Game Design Tech Requirements
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System Requirements for Intro to Video Game Design

Required Hardware:

Standard Chromebooks will not support the GameMaker activities and assignments in this course. If the only computer you have access to is a Chromebook, please contact us at

This course was not designed to be taken on a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. While you may access course content on these devices, certain activities and assignments will not be supported.

Required Software:  GameMaker (free download)

How to get GameMaker:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Register/Sign In”. Do NOT select Gamemaker for Education.

You will be redirected to Opera, publisher of GameMaker, for sign-on.

  1. Create an account with Opera or login with one you already have.

Use a real email and note your password. You may be required to validate later.

  1. Download the version of GameMaker that matches your OS.
  2. Run the Install. Login with your Opera account if/when prompted.

Note: If you have used GameMaker or YoYoGames before, you may get an error message for your “Legacy Account.” If this occurs: Go back; Select “Legacy Sign-In”; Login; Follow the prompts to convert your account to Opera log-in.