ALTTP Randomizer OWG 2018 Tournament

What are the Randomizer settings for the tournament?

Please see for more information.

How do I get involved and join the tournament?

Tournament Format:

Entry Requirements:

What are the dates for the tournament?

        All weeklong formats run Monday - Sunday. Races may not be scheduled after 9:00pm EDT on Sunday evenings.

How are player seedings determined?

What happens if we tie in a race?

How are dropouts and forfeits handled?

What will the races be like on the restream channels?

Where do races take place?

How do I generate my race seed?

What happens if the randomizer gets updated during the tournament?

What are the rules regarding which glitches are allowed?

Can I use my own custom sprites?

What cool stuff does the winner get?

What are my commitments as a player entering the tournament?

What happens if I have internet, tech or power issues?

What should I do if I think someone is cheating?

What hardware/software can I use?

What other rules apply?