2017 ushered evolution to the London institution known as Rhythm Section. What began as a local radio show in 2011 has now grown into a quadraphonic force; regular dances, Record Label/Publishing, Radio and a production Studio. Part of our collective ethos has always been community, and the studio is situated in the Sugarhouse Studios Complex in Bermondsey, London (run by Turner Prize winning architectural collective Assemble). It houses Architects, Engineers, Designers, Artists, Fabricators, Makers, Creatives, Musicians and Producers.

The production studio is designed to cater towards the wide variety of workflows that exist within Electronic music. Whether you are a strictly In-The-Box producer or a fully-analogue fetishist we can cater to your needs. With a huge variety of synthesizers, drum machines and outboard effects sonically you will not be limited. With gear highlights ranging from the now timeless Roland 909, a fully modified MPC2000XL, Ableton Push 2 and the much revered Soundcraft Delta 200 mixing desk. It’s a unique acoustically-treated 24hr access studio that unleashes creativity, quickly becoming the hotspot of the South London underground music scene.


Dry hire:

£15 / hour + £15 set up fee.

Day hire (8 hour session, timings to be negotiated): £120 (including set up)

Hire w/ engineer:

£30 / hr

Day hire (8 hour session, timings to be negotiated): £200

N.B. sessions are paid for in advance only

Payments via cash or credit card: https://www.paypal.me/rhythmsectionstudio

If you what require isn’t here please contact us. We can offer student discounts.


24hr access


Tea / Coffee (within office hours)

Studio Contact: info@wearerhythmsection.com 

Resident Engineers

Mali Baden-Powell: Studio Manager & Rhythm Section Creative Producer

Alex Batchelor: Runs LB Produce Label & one half of Phrased


Here is a non-exhaustive list of the gear we have - any queries feel free to ask.

Front End

Pioneer RM-07 Monitors

RME Babyface Pro Audio-Midi Interface

MOTU Ultralite MK4

ERM Multiclock Synchronizer

Revox PR99 1/4 inch reel to reel tape machine

Ableton Push 2

Mixing Desk

Soundcraft Delta 200 (32-4-2)


Roland Juno 106 (currently being serviced)

Siel DK 600

Ensoniq ESQ-1

Acidlab Bombass

Freebass 383 (with resonance mod)

Korg Arp Odyssey Module

Korg Monologue

Korg Wavestation

Korg R3

Roland JV-1080

Roland SH101

Moog Mother 32

Eurorack Modular system including: Intellijel Atlantis & Intellijel Metropolis, DrumDokta 2, TipTop 808 Modules

Waldorf Pulse 2

Mutable Instruments Anushri

Yamaha TX81Z (DX11 Rack Version)

Drum Machines

Roland 909

MPC 2000XL (Fully Modified)

Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

Roland 606

Roland 707, 727

Roland R8

Vermona DRM 1


Samson 48 Point Patchbay x3

Lexicon PCM70 Reverb

Korg SDD-3000 Delay

Empress Tape Delay

Empress Multi Drive

Empress Compressor

Roland SRC 2000 Reverb

Dod Flanger FX 474

Electro Harmonix Memory Boy Analog Delay

Boss RX-100 Spring Reverb

Drawmer DS 201 Gate

Focusrite Platinum Penta Stereo Optical Compressor / Preamp / Drive

Akai P1 Phaser

Rocktron Parametric EQ

Dunlop Wah (vintage)

Roland PH-2 Phaser

Zoom Multi FX

DBX 166 (1993 model)


Rode NT1

Shure SM57

Korg Contact Mic x2

Assorted things of interest

Yamaha SU10 Sampler

Yamaha QY70 Module

Electro Harmonix SpaceDrum

Tama Djembe

Shakers / other hand perc

**all gear subject to availibility (repairs/loans/etc)**