Media Technology II

Fall 2018 Assignment List
MTII Syllabus
MT II Rules & Procedures

1st 9 Weeks
Unit I - Better Storytelling

Week 1 - Better Pre-Production

Due Date - 8/24
Assignment - Untranslatable S & SB
Description - Students will explore various aspects of improving development and pre-production, including better scriptwriting and storyboards. Students will begin create a script and storyboard for a “untranslatable” video where they take a foreign word and “translate” it through audio and visuals.

Week 2 - Advanced Visual Grammar

Due Date - 8/31
Assignment - Quadrant Scene
Description - Students will study advanced compositional techniques, including scene composition using quadrants. A portion of their Untranslatable video should include a scene composed using quadrants.

Week 3 - Stylistic Choices

Due Date - 9/7
Assignment -  Mood Scene
Description - Students will study ways to convey mood in their videos through composition, sound, color, and lighting.

Week 4 - Showing, not Telling

Due Date - 9/14
Assignment - Untranslatable FC
Description - Students will study ways filmmakers “show, not tell” a story and will assemble and polish a finished piece that translates, visually, a foreign word with no direct English translation.

Unit 2 - Learning From Others

Week 5 - The Art of the Video Essay I

Due Date - 9/21
Assignment - Movie Review
Description - Students will learn the basics of watching movies like a filmmaker, and how to write and edit a movie review.

Week 6 - Critique, Commentary, & Fair Use

Due Date - 9/28
Assignment - Film/Director/Technique Analysis Video Essay
Description - Students will study what constitutes critic and commentary, and how to compose a video issue using copyrighted content in such a way as to fall under “Fair Use” copyright law protection.

Week 7 - “Less is More”

Due Date - 10/5
Assignment - 60-Second Plot Synopsis S & SB
Description - Students will take the favorite movie and condense it down into a 60 second, one-take video script.  

Week 8 - Better Planning and Execution

Due Date - 10/12
Assignment - 60-Second Plot Synopsis - FC
Description - Students will study tips and tricks for making the most of their principal photography timeframe.

Week 9 - Exploring & Utilizing Trends

Due Date - 10/19
Assignment - Parody S & SB
Description - A perennial favorite of viral videos, lip dubs (or lip syncs) are a great way to create an original work based off of a framework. Students will also explore the “transformative” aspect of Fair Use and copyright law and how it applies to this type of trend.

1st 9 Weeks Out-of-Class Assignments
Due Date - By Friday 10/19
Assignment - Film (2) FAC or Sporting Events Students are required to help film (2) after school events. Students will coordinate with Mr. McDowell or Coach Whitt to film either Fine Arts Center events or sporting events.

2nd 9 Weeks
Unit 3 -Beyond Basics

Week 10 - Adapting Video to Audio

Due Date - 10/26
Assignment - Parody FC
Description - Students will work to polish and edit a video shot specifically to accompany and audio track.

Week 11 - The Art of the Music Video

Due Date - 11/2
Assignment - Music Video S & SB
Description - In the same vein as the previous few assignments, students will work to compose a more complex video to accompany an audio track, this time, without the constraint of being a straight up lip dub.

Week 12 - Cutting to the Beat

Due Date - 11/9
Assignment - Music Video FC
Description - Students will explore editing techniques to improve their editing skills during the post-production phase of a project.

Week 13 - Writing Better Dialogue

Due Date - 11/16
Assignment - Dialogue Scene S & SB
Description - Students, after studying how to write organic, realistic, and interesting dialogue, will create a script for a scene centered around 2 characters talking.

Week 14 - Making the Mundane Interesting

Due Date - 11/23
Assignment - Dialogue Scene FC
Description - Students will utilize camera and editing techniques to make a dialogue scene engaging.

Unit 4 - Bringing it All Together

Week 15 - Open Project - Part I

Due Date - 11/30
Assignment - Script & Storyboard
Description -  Students will create a video of their choice, starting with the script and storyboard. Students should also begin working on the script for the MTIII short film.

Week 16 - Open Project - Part II

Due Date - 12/7
Assignment -  Rough Cut + Short Film Script Rough Draft
Description - Students will submit a RC of their open project along with a preliminary draft of their short film.

Week 17 - Open Project - Part III

Due Date - 12/14
Assignment - Final Cut
Description - Students will submit the FC of their open project and continue work on their short film script.

Week 18 - Final

Due Date - 12/21
Assignment - Short Film Script & Sizzle Reel (Exam)
Description - Students will submit the final cut of their open project, the rough draft of their

2nd 9 Weeks Out-of-Class Assignments
Due Date - By Wednesday 12/19
Assignment - Film (2) FAC or Sporting Events
Students are required to help film (2) after school events. Students will coordinate with
Mr. McDowell or Coach Whitt to film either Fine Arts Center events or sporting events.


S- Script
SB - Storyboard
RC - Rough Cut
FC - Final Cut
RD - Rough Draft